Call to Action for Dietitians in England


The Issues

England Board have created a ‘Call to Action for Dietitians’ which sets out four areas where they believe the UK Government needs to act to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of England. These areas are:

  1. Make sure everyone living with chronic conditions and/or obesity has access to dietetic treatment and support to manage their own condition and remain as independent as possible.
  2. Ensure that preventable malnutrition is recognised and treated effectively thus optimising treatment costs and improving the quality of life for patients.
  3. Encourage all GP practices to utilise the expertise of dietitians
  4. Make sure adults and children in England can consume a healthy and sustainable diet to prevent ill-health, obesity, type II diabetes and some cancers.

What we need our members to do to help

We want our members in England to help raise these issues with their healthcare colleagues, patients and local representatives when they have the opportunity.

What the BDA will be doing

We will be pushing the UK government on all four of these points over the course of the parliament. We plan to use these four points as the basis of some of our engagement with politicians and government departments.

The BDA will keep these pages updated with details of progress and further briefings as they become available.

Further information

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