Engaging Post Election

Engaging Post Election - A chance to make the case for Dietetics

Now the 2017 campaign has been fought, the formation of a new government and the beginning of a new parliament is another chance for dietitians and their supporters to make the case for dietetics to the new (if somewhat diminished) Conservative government, their DUP allies and the opposition parties. The BDA will be pushing the new government on the policy areas above and more in the coming months.

We have quite a few new MPs and a number of new Ministers. We would urge you to contact your new/re-elected MP to engage with them early on the issues above and on local matters of importance to you. This could include inviting them to visit your hospital/workplace to see the value and expertise of dietitians. We are here to help so get in touch if you want assistance in contacting your MP.

We've got some tips as part of the Influencing Action Pack (members only). If you would like to do something to engage your local MP (or other elected representative) get in touch with Tom Embury, Public Affairs Officer at t.embury@bda.uk.com

Each of the BDA country boards has written to the major parties in advance  to set out what they believe they should prioritise in their manifestos and prioritise in the new parliament. These letters are available below (members only). You can also read the full EnglandWales and Northern Ireland Calls to Action elsewhere on the influencing pages.

Please let us know if you manage to speak to any politicians or want us to follow up with anyone by emailing Tom Embury, Public Affairs Officer at t.embury@bda.uk.com