Influencing Action Pack

Dietitians make a difference to patients’ lives – their health and quality of life. Our services are also cost effective. Dietitians know this but do the people who are responsible for making decisions about health services in your area know? In the current health system it’s now more important than ever to engage locally with key decision makers.

“The health and social care agenda is now being set locally. This is fantastic news for patients, carers and users but really challenging for national bodies like the BDA. We rely on our members on the ground to be the eyes, ears and voice of the profession. Only by our members influencing locally will we be able to continue driving dietetic services forward.”
Andy Burman, Chief Executive Officer, British Dietetic Association.

The Influencing Action Pack was designed by the British Dietetic Association to help you, dietitians from all four nations of the UK and in all job roles, start influencing locally. You may use each document on its own or make up a whole pack containing all the documents.

You can download the whole Influencing Action Pack (9MB) here or the separate sections form the links below.

The Influencing Action Pack comprises:

Introduction: this introduces the Influencing Action Pack and the concept of ‘standing up for dietetics!’

How to analyse and influence your stakeholders:  This document describes the process of analysing  your stakeholders and then planning how to influence them.

The elevator pitch: An elevator pitch is a brief persuasive speech delivered in a short time frame of a minute or so. This document is a three step guide to writing and delivering an ‘elevator pitch’ to your stakeholders.

Nine Step Guide to Making a Case for Dietetics: This document builds on the Know your worth document published in 2013 entitled ‘Making a Case for dietetics’  - it includes information on influencing and how to write a business case.

Who should I look to influence?: These leaflets are A4 information sheets on how to influence various stakeholders. We hope to add to this list in the future.      


The BDA are keen to hear your feedback on the Influencing Action Pack – your comments on the Pack and its individual documents is very welcome. Please send your comments to

The BDA are also keen to hear about your experiences of influencing: tell us about your successes and we can share them on these pages so that other dietitians can learn from your hints and tips. Please send your comments and stories to