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As the only representative body for the UK dietetic workforce, one of the key roles of the BDA is to influence on issues important to our members, their patients, and the public. Dietitians are public health advocates and we want to support them to perform this role. Our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan includes the priorities to "Campaign with others to influence decision makers and stakeholders" and "Promote our services, our members and our profession"

What you'll find here

These pages seek to bring together all the information to help our members to work out what, how and who to influence. This includes;

  • Details of the BDA's current themes, with links to additional information, details of what we are doing at a national level and advice on how members can get involved. 
  • The Influencing Action Pack, which sets out a whole range of ideas for how members might want to influence and make the case for dietetics. 
  • The IAP also contains advice on contacting and influencing various stakeholders, such as local political representatives, including tools to help work out who they are!
  • Tools and Information, this brings together BDA and external resources that might be useful. Some of these are links to info held elsewhere on the BDA website, such as Position Statements or Key Facts Sheets.

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A summary leaflet explaining all the activities that the BDA is doing to influence, lobby and campaign on behalf of dietitians can be found here.





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