Influencing Themes


The BDA will look to influence stakeholders, politicians and the public in a variety of ways, be it through our alliances, our specialist groups, our media team or our members. 

Sometimes this will involve focusing on specific issues or themes, and you will find details of those here, as well as details of past themes. You can access information on the BDA's position, what we want to achieve, what we need you to do and further supporting documentation. These themes are agreed by our boards, specialist groups or our governing council in conjunction with the BDA head office team. 

Get involved

All of the BDA's efforts to influence will benefit from support from our members, partners, and stakeholders. If you want to get involved or have questions or comments about any of our themes, there will be details of what you can do to help on each theme page. You can also get in touch with our Public Affairs Officer, Tom Embury or any of the specific contacts listed on each individual theme page. 

Current Themes


Health is a devolved matter in each of the four home nations of the UK, and as a result, some themes will only apply to one or more of the home nations. Others will be UK wide. Each theme page will state to which of the nations it applies.