BDA Professional Development Framework


About the framework

This professional development framework is designed for individuals and teams to use to develop their career and professional development plans. There is the potential for future work to enable the development of a framework for dietetic support workers. This framework has been designed to be used by dietitians.

This is a post graduate framework. Each level describes expected capability at that level and should take 18-24 months in post to achieve this level of capability. This does not imply that a dietitian should expect to move to the next level after 2 years. Continuing to practice and develop in a post broadens and deepens experience and skills and increases a dietitians ability to deliver better outcomes for service users. Most dietitians will practice at levels 2 or 3 throughout their careers in one specialty or setting or may move between settings and specialties. There are benefits to the profession, the employer and the dietitian to movement between sectors and this should be encouraged.

Each statement has been written to be generic and to apply as much as possible to the range of career opportunities open to dietitians.

It describes an aspiration for dietitians and dietetic practice that facilitates dietitians to be visible and audible in all settings; articulating the impact of nutrition and dietetic practice and the application of core dietetic skills on the health and development of individuals, groups and populations and the delivery of organisations’ strategic objectives.

It is progressive and each level builds on the previous, developing a greater level of knowledge, skills and more complex behaviour.

All dietitians should have access to formal supervision on a regular basis. Dietitians working in teams have easy access to information supervision and peer support. Dietitians in independent practice or a sole dietitian in a team should ensure they have access to peer support and networks. Support in the context of self development indicates that the individual will access mentoring, supervision, an externally determined development programme or some other routine. 

Take part in the consultation

The BDA post graduate professional development framework is currently in draft and we have now made this available to members to provide feedback. The consultation will last 2 months. We hope to have responses from a wide range of dietitians, working in a variety of settings, at different levels of experience.


You can view a draft of the frame work here.

And provide your feedback to the consultation here.