Research Home

All dietitians need research skills.

If you need to know where to look for the dietetic evidence-base (including PEN and JHND), find the best method to undertake robust service evaluations, secure some funding to give you time to analyse data you have collected, meet people with similar research interests or get a research qualification, these pages are a great place to start.

Researcher Requests

Dietitians often ask us if we can circulate details of their research surveys and questionnaires.

We now have a Researcher Requests page. Please take the time to respond to requests to complete surveys as they can only provide valuable information and influence practice if sufficient numbers of dietitians input into them.

Research Symposium

Are you looking to present your research or to hear about the latest developments in dietetic practice? The annual research symposium is the place you want to be.

The day provides a link between those already doing research and those looking at or starting their research journey, attend to be inspired by the presenters, gain valuable contacts plus pick up a few top tips too.

We want to encourage all dietitians to be involved in some form of research throughout their career - maybe undertake a service evaluation or audit of service, there are so many possibilities for you to develop the future practice of dietetics.

Be inspired by the research that will shape future dietetic practice - join us?

Research posters

We now have a collection of Research posters  illustrating members recent work.