BDA Dietitian App

The BDA has launched a new smartphone application (May 2016) BDA Dietitian, powered by Oviva, aiming to support more patients to access dietitians through secure online client consultations and communication.

BDA members can now access a BDA branded version of a Coaching Suite for use with clients that will contain a host of useful information already built into the document library.

Technology is becoming increasingly important across all aspects of healthcare services, from patients using video-calling software to speak to their care providers, to electronic health records and risk screening tools in Intensive Care. In the Instagram age where photographing your meals is becoming the norm, this new tool to record a patient’s photo food diary has a high level of acceptability – especially within groups who traditionally do not access dietetic care.

Key features and benefits

  • Web-based Coaching suite for dietitians to use with clients: The technology allows the dietitian to attend to their patients more closely when appropriate, on their own schedule and remotely from their own home.
  • Secure communication channel. Oviva’s technology meets all Information Governance requirements set out by the NHS and allows you to reduce your paper trail. The Coaching suite allows you to hold an electronic record of your clinical notes in a secure cloud-based server in addition to using the app based channel to communicate with your patients
  • Free 1 month trial available for all BDA members

How does it help dietitians?

The Coaching Suite includes a secure electronic health record for the dietitian to review patient inputs, and a smartphone app tool for the patient. The system allows the patient to capture data more accurately (food with photos, activity; which can be input manually or automatically by syncing the app with fitness trackers such as Fitbits and Apple Healthkit, anthropometry including weight and waist circumference in addition to capturing symptom data using automatic surveys), share the information with their dietitian and receive support between face-to-face sessions through a secure text-message channel. Being able to communicate this way effectively increases access and quality of care, and stimulates self-management.

How does it help patients?

  • Patients benefit from monitoring their intake and activity and from more frequent interaction with, or enhanced access to their dietitian. This typically translates to better outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Oviva’s initial outcome data for weight management patients shows a doubling of weight lost per unit of dietitian time compared to standard face to face care (5.7% vs. 2.9% bodyweight loss at 3 months in 83 patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease & obesity referred for weight loss). More data will be available and published as it is available.


£0.00 / MONTH
1 month trial
£30.00 / MONTH
£300.00 / YEAR (2 months free)
£50.00 / MONTH
£500.00 / YEAR (2 months free)
Number of clients you can coach Invite 3 clients once and coach them via our software for free. Coach up to 5 clients at the same time. If you delete one client you can invite another one. Coach as many clients as you like.
Support clients remotely using the BDA Dietitian coaching Suite
Efficiently manage client interactions with visual displays of weight and activity tracking, drag-and-drop goal setting and a customizable survey tool
Automated activity and weight logging with integrated Fitbit wireless weight-scale and activity tracker
Secure data storage and transfer
Customer support and free web-based training course  

All prices include VAT. Service can be cancelled at the end of each billing period (monthly or annually) with 2 week’s notice.

Clients looking for an institutional licence should please get in touch with us at 0121 2008080 or

How to get started

For full details and information on how to sign up, please email Jo Lewis, Partnerships Officer in the first instance.