Carter Model Hospital

The Carter Review

In June 2014, Lord Carter was asked by the Secretary of State to look into what could be done to improve efficiency in the NHS in England. Over 18 months he worked with 136 non-specialist hospital trusts in England. He found significant unwarranted variations. The cost of providing a hip replacement varied between £800 pounds to over £1500 between trusts. Lord Carter’s report contained not only his findings but also recommendations and suggested steps to achieve them.


With the aim of realising these recommendations, NHSI (NHS Improvement) have established themed work streams under their ‘operational productivity programme’ including an AHP Productivity Project.  The overall NHSI programme is also referred to as the ‘Carter Programme’ and will be rolled out in phases over several years.

The Model Hospital Portal: AHP Compartment

Currently, Roz Campbell is leading the AHP project at NHSI and is creating an AHP compartment to the ‘Model Hospital’ Portal – an online resource that is under development. The portal will be accessible by Trusts in England and will enable each Trust to compare a whole host of their own metrics with those of their chosen peer trusts. If variations are apparent, Trusts will be able to discuss these variations with their peer Trusts to learn where efficiencies could be made.

This highly complex piece of work is in its infancy. Some Dietetic Service Managers and AHP leads have been involved in collecting data or exploring areas of interest such as job plans.

Further Information

There is an informal email group of members who have engaged with the NHSI project. Should you want to know more information or be added to the informal email network please contact