Specialist Groups and Branches

Specialist Groups

The BDA has 18 Specialist Groups made up of expert dietitians who work or have an interest in certain specialist areas. Having 18 specialist groups give a true indication of the real breadth of expertise within the dietetic profession.

As a BDA member, you have the chance to join and become involved with one or more of our 18 specialist groups.  Each group is driven by committed member volunteers who work or have expertise within the specialist area. BDA groups offer the most up-to-date information, leadership, advice and guidance for dietitians, students, support workers and nutritionists working in a range of professional specialisms.

Benefits of Group membership

  • Establish vital networks and develop your contacts with professionals in your specialism.
  • Receive huge discounts on must-attend specialist conferences and CPD events.
  • Receive latest news and updates via relevant newsletters, social media, e-bulletins, and our dedicated group websites.
  • Access to the latest evidence based practice.
  • Expert professional knowledge and resources to support you in your practice.
  • Funding and awards for research, professional development and events.
  • Opportunities to get involved in the development of policy, evidence based practice, strategy and develop your leadership skills.

Find out more

Click on our specialist groups below to find out more about who they are, what they do, and how you can join. 


There are a total of 13 BDA Branches geographically spread across the UK who are the regional representatives of the BDA.  Branches are vital to the BDA in providing a local focus for BDA activity and communication, and for supporting members at a local level by providing various CPD, networking and topic specific meetings and events.

Branch membership is now free to all BDA members.  All members have been automatically allocated to their local branch via their home address postcode.  Please visit your MY BDA area to see which BDA Branch you are a member of.  Should your circumstances change at any time, you can alter which Branch you're a member of within MY BDA.

Benefit of Branches to BDA Members

  • To provide opportunities for networking with a variety of members from different disciplines and organisations;
  • To provide educational updates or discussion forums on non specialist clinical/professional issues of general interest;
  • To promote the role of the BDA in the region, including recruitment and retention of members – especially students;
  • To facilitate cross-departmental collaboration on local/regional projects;
  • To provide two-way communication between the BDA and members within that region;
  • To provide an opportunity for CPD;
  • To provide a link with regional Specialist subgroups.

Promoting Branch and Group Events

Branch and group events are listed in the BDA Events Calendar, and also on the Branches home page and the Groups home page. There is a form to request events to be listed.