Catering for Special Diets in Hospital

Date: 14th November 2019

Time: 9am - 3.30pm

Venue: Radiotherapy Seminar Room, King George V Building, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, EC1A 7BE



• £55.00 for FSSG members
• £80.00 for non-members of FSSG
• £30.00 student rate


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Speakers include:

  • Joanna Instone - BDA Head of External Affairs and Policy Officer for England
  • Kirsty Robinson - Bart’s NHS Trust and BDA Older People’s Specialist Group
  • Deepa Jaunky – Catering Liaison and Older Peoples’ Dietitian Bart’s NHS Trust
  • Deepa Kariyawasam - Senior Renal Dietitian King's College Hospital, London
  • Megan Cameron-Lee - Specialist Catering Dietitian London North West Hospitals University Trust
  • Nicola Scott - Senior Specialist Haematology Dietitian Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Topics include areas of topical interest including:

  • IDDSI Update and Case Studies
  • The challenges of trying to adapt catering provision for older people and overcoming considerable barriers in acute settings
  • Renal diets and managing food service for inpatients
  • Make sense of the plethora of gastro diets - high fibre, low residue, low fibre and low FODMAP
  • Neutropenic Diet Guidelines and inpatient challenges
  • Food Allergy


Specially designed plant-based lunch