The BDA and Obesity specialist group are joining other organisations, including the Obesity Health Alliance (OHA), calling on the UK governments to take firm action to tackle adult and childhood obesity.

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The BDA Obesity specialist group works in partnership with the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS) on projects relating to bariatric surgery, obesity and metabolic conditions.

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The Obesity Specialist Group joined forces with Sustain and their Children’s Food Campaign, to help promote their Junk Free Checkouts Campaign.

Their survey of national supermarkets and high-street chains in 2012 found that food was regularly displayed at the checkouts and in the queuing areas in these stores, and the vast majority of food promoted was unhealthy, and was often within easy reach of children.

The history of campaigning on this issue suggests that retailers are unable or unwilling to stop voluntarily promoting junk food in their stores in this way. The Children’s Food Campaign is therefore calling for robust Government action to help parents and bring an end to this type of marketing of junk food to children.

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