BDA Obesity Event 2018 feedback

Dear All 

Every year we consider the feedback you provide before we plan our next study events. 

Below are some examples of comments that will influence the direction of our plans. 


Next event : February 12thand 13th 2020, Birmingham

BDA Research Symposium Obesity Research Stream: December the 4th  (Abstract submission deadline July 15th)  

If there is a specific speaker or topic you feel we should invite/ include at this event please contact us asap at 


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Topics of Interest 

  • Psychology intervention
  • Health at Every Size
  • Hard to reach groups 
  • Behavioural intervention    
  • Maternal obesity 
  • Freelance opportunities 
  • Involvement in research 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Disordered eating 
  • Non dietary causes of obesity 
  • Resource sharing 
  • Bariatric surgery 

 Positives to maintain 

  • Opportunities networking, sharing and collaboration
  • Range of topics and speakers 
  • Service user voices 
  • Dietitian speakers 
  • Tweeting
  • Format of mix of workshops and lectures 
  • Panel discussion 

Suggested improvements 

  • Poster presentation and case study dissemination 
  • Opportunity to attend all workshops choices 
  • Increasing the profile of dietitians 
  • Timing and pace of panel discussion 
  • Representation from across the UK and Ireland 
  • Cost, venue and communication of social event 
  • More/Regular psychological / behavioural content 
  • Contact lists 
  • Mentorship opportunities 

 Things we find challenging to change 

  • Presentation slides before or at the event: Speakers are not paid for contributing to our event and have often made last minute changes to slides. With this, cost and environment in mind we will continue to send slides out post event. 
  • Catering: We do attempt to influence options but may have to compromise at times depending on offers at venues.  
  • Location: Birmingham is a central location, accessible for the majority of delegates attending from across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Using the same venue allows more efficient      organisation.



  • Delegates had differing views about focus given to prescriptive diets. Some continue to request feedback and updates from the lead voices in their field e.g. VLED, Low Carb, 5:2. Others felt this was at the expense of consideration of psychology / behavioural interventions.
  • We dedicated a whole event to psychology and behaviour in 2017 however it was clear from feedback that this is something delegates want more of.  
  • We apologise that Rob Andrews had to cancel his attendance close to the event. Naomi Brosnahan kindly offered to provide an alternative talk at the last minute. 
  • We note that some speakers had presented at our 2016 Event in Manchester. They had been invited again on the basis of feedback from the 2017 event asking for updates on their fields of speciality as experts in their field e.g. VLED, 5:2, Low Carb
  • We have moved the timing of our event to avoid clashing with many others that are available around November. We also hope this will identify more people who may want to present their research on the back of the new Obesity research stream at the BDA Research Symposium on December the 4th. (Abstract submission deadline July 15th)       


‘Invaluable networking experience’

‘It was hard hitting and really made me think from the patient’s perspective. It was a really good addition to have the patient’s voice heard and the ability to hear their opinions and his would be great for all study days going forward’

Very collaborative, high quality research in dietetics’

‘I learnt a lot and the event left me charged and motivated.’


Warm Regards 

Lucy & Anna 

Training Officers 

BDA Obesity Specialist Group