Dietetic Obesity Management Interventions in Adults: Evidence Review and Clinical Application (2018)

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Weight management resources

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Links to useful resources 

(All resources are free to download unless otherwise indicated)

Weight management 

Healthy eating 

Bariatric surgery 

  • BOMMS nutritional guidance: BOMSS
  • Pre-operative 800kcal diet: available to purchase from ndr
  • Recipes for life- before and after bariatric surgery: avaialable to purchase from ndr
  • Sleeve gastrectomy: available for Dietitians to purchase from ndr
  • Gastric bypass: available for Dietitians to purchase from ndr
  • Gastric banding: available for Dietitians to purchase from ndr


  • Change4Life Smart recipes
  • Change4Life Food and drink scanner
  • One you Easy meals

Children and families

OHA position statement on weight stigma

Please take a moment to check you are following the approach recommended in the OHA position paper to reduce weight stigma, and encourage others to do the same.

OHA position statement on weight stigma

Psychological perspectives on obesity: Addressing policy, practice and research priorities

This report summarises how professionals and policy makers can improve our combined response to obesity by taking an approach guided by Psychology.

Obesity image banks

The following obesity image banks have been created to facilitate free access to non-stigmatising images:


Estimation of energy expenditure using prediction equations in overweight and obese adults: a systematic review