Older People

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Welcome to the web pages for the BDA Older People specialist group.

The group and its members provide nutrition advice for older people, and have the following aims:


  • Bring together dietitians with an interest in the nutrition of older people.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and experience.
  • Offer advice and support to dietitians, other health professionals and carers working with older people.
  • Produce evidence based resources to promote and encourage good nutrition in older people.
  • Communicate with other special interest groups within the BDA.
  • Building links with other agencies and voluntary organisations e.g. Help the Aged and Friends of the Elderly.
  • Working with the media.
  • Supporting and leading on new research.
  • Guiding Principles


Membership costs £20 per year and the membership year runs from March to February. To join the BDA Older People specialist group, please see the Joining a Specialist Group page.


To enquire about the group please email: olderpeople@bda.uk.com