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Welcome to the web pages for the BDA Older People specialist group.


The Older People Specialist Group (OPSG) of the BDA is the group for Dietitians with an interest in older peoples nutrition :


  • Bring together Dietitians with an interest in the nutrition of older people – we believe nutrition for older adults is a specialism on a par with any other area of dietetic expertise
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and experience - OPSG has a discussion forum on the BDA website which we encourage members to join and use to both post questions and to offer and view replies
  • Offer advice and support to Dietitians working with older people – our website provides access to an annually updated list of key national resources and guidelines on all aspects of nutrition in older adults
  • Produce evidence based resources to promote and encourage good nutrition for older people – we produce simple patient/carer resources which are available to purchase from NDR-UK
  • Build links with other agencies and voluntary organisations - we assist various national organisations and charities (see Friends of the Elderly as an example) to improve the accuracy and appropriateness of their nutrition resources for older people
  • Communicate with other special interest groups within the BDA – we encourage joint working and good communication between different specialisms
  • Support research – we offer our support to relevant research projects
  • Promote older peoples nutrition on Twitter – follow us @BDA_olderpeople
  • Champion the use of food as treatment in cases of malnutrition - we believe that our in depth knowledge and understanding of food is one of the unique skills of Dietitians. In 2018 we produced OPSG guiding principles to demonstrate our core values.


Membership costs £20 per year and the membership year runs from March to February. To join the BDA Older People specialist group, please see the Joining a Specialist Group page.


To enquire about the group please email: olderpeople@bda.uk.com