BDA Oncology Specialist Group Newsletter December 2018

Message from Chair

Festive Greetings,

As 2018 draws to a close, welcome to our winter newsletter. It’s been a busy few months. We attended Macmillan and the Royal College of Anesthetists launch of a project to develop clear prehabilitation guidance for all cancer pathways. The work will continue over the coming months and be launched at the Prehabilitation conference in July 2019 – watch this space. We also ensured dietetics had a voice at NHS England cancer workforce stakeholder event, highlighting the valuable role oncology dietitians provide. We have also had our annual study day, it was lovely to see so many of you there and thank you for all our feedback.

Thank you to all of you, we have the most productive and utilised forum, with everyone supporting each other with guidance and sharing ideas. Thank you to the committee for all your hard work this year in ensuring oncology dietetics keeps a high profile.

See you all in 2019,

Lucy x

BDA Oncology Group Education Award Winner

This year we opened applications for a £950 grant to support education. Clare Shaw was the successful applicant and was awarded the BDA Oncology Group Education Award to support her attendance at the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) conference in June 2018. See here for Clare’s summary of her attendance.

You can apply for this award. See here for details.

Key Fact Sheets

Have you seen our Fact Sheets: ‘Specialist Dietitians in Oncology’ and ‘Key Fact Sheet for Head & Neck Oncology’? These resources could be especially useful in promoting the role of the Dietitian within Cancer Care. These resources can be printed from the links above.

Committee Member Speaks at the World Cancer Conference in Toronto

Rhys White, Principle Dietitian at Guy’s Hospital has written a summary of his experience of speaking and attending this international conference.

Proactive dietetic care makes a difference to the nutritional well-being of gastrointestinal radiotherapy patients

Click ‘here’ to read about the outcomes achieved by the new, proactive dietetic service to people receiving radiotherapy at the Royal Marsden.

Living life in the face of loss: parenteral nutrition in ovarian cancer patients in bowel obstruction

Malignant bowel obstruction is a complication of advanced ovarian cancer and these patients may receive home parenteral nutrition.  This research investigated the experiences of women and their family caregivers of home PN & patient nutritional status and survival. Please see ‘here’ for further details.

Summary of the BDA oncology subgroup study day – Birmingham

Sarah Richards and our Groups’ Meetings Organiser, Rhys White, have written a summary of the key points to takeaway from our group study day this year.

Message from Newsletter Coordinator

I hope you have found this Winter Newsletter useful. Please do get in touch if you have anything you would like to share with members. You can reach me by email:

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas & New Year!