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Public Health logoHello and welcome.

The BDA Public Health specialist group is a group of dietitians working to improve and protect the health of the population through good nutrition.

As you are aware, food and nutrition issues lie at the heart of many of today’s public health challenges, and we consider it is important that the British Dietetic Association has a means of ensuring that the professional expertise of dietitians makes the fullest possible contribution to this agenda. 

We welcome any Dietitian who has a public health element to their role, no matter how small, to join the group, add to the development of the group and contribute to the voice of Public Health within the BDA.

Latest News

Updated Sustainable Diets web pages

New communication platform for group members (see below). Join the discussion forum now.

UKPHR statement on Specialist level regulation. See professional development pages.

New leaflet 'Moving on to Cups' is now available as both an English and Welsh language version.


If you are interested in joining the group, read 'joining a specialist group' and follow the instructions.


The group has been striving to change their communication platform to make it easier to use and enable access for all Group members.  I am pleased to announce that the discussion forum on the BDA website is now ready for use and will replace the LinkedIn Group. The forum is designed to enable you to ask questions, share knowledge and resources with other Group members, so we encourage all members to utilise this resource.

To aid communication over the coming weeks the LinkedIn Group will remain live until Monday 30th November.  After this time all communication should be via the BDA discussion forum.

The BDA have developed a discussion forum topic for the sole use of public health specialist group members.  Only Group members will be able to view and post on the Group discussion forum.


To access and subscribe to the forum:


Please follow the terms and rules of the forum at all times -

We look forward to seeing and replying to lively and informative discussion!