Mission Statement

The Public Health Nutrition Specialist Group of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) is a professional network for BDA members with an interest in public health nutrition. It aims to become a significant and well recognised professional voice in public health across the UK. This will be achieved by supporting members in their roles, effective communication and links with appropriate organisations, contributing to relevant consultations and supporting members to develop their public health competencies.



The Public Health Nutrition Specialist Group of the BDA aims to promote high standards of practice in the field of public health and health promotion. It will provide opportunities for professional development and information exchange for its members, and act as a source of expertise and engaging in the debate and development of food and health policy and the public health nutrition agenda.  

  1. To provide a forum through which members can network and share ideas, information, good practice and expertise
  2. To support members in accessing a range of appropriate professional development activities and opportunities for public health dietetic practice, and where appropriate to advocate for this provision
  3. To promote high standards of practice in the field of public health nutrition and health promotion dietetics, through both defining and developing competencies of the dietetic workforce across a range of practice settings and roles
  4. To be an effective champion for public health nutrition within and on behalf of the BDA, by identifying priority issues and themes that the network can promote, raising debate and discussion among BDA members, and shaping BDA policy, position statements and press releases
  5. To contribute expert advice to the BDA in responding to national policy and professional development issues, including access to expert leads on specific topics
  6. To link with BDA Specialist Groups and other groups in promoting public health nutrition and professional development issues.
  7. The Group shall cover the whole of the UK and is expected to accommodate sub-groups reflecting the membership within each of the four UK countries, where relevant.