T&C's of Specialist Group Membership


BDA Specialist Group membership is only open to current BDA members, of any category.  Sub Group membership is open to members of the host Specialist Group.

For auditing purposes, figures are kept on the number of people joining groups at each point in the year, including the amount paid. BDA Board of Directors and members may receive reports on membership figures, finances and other data from time to time. Data stored by the BDA will comply with GDPR and not disclosed to anyone without prior permission.

When you're a member...

Once accepted as a member, your membership will continue until you advise the BDA via email that you no longer wish to be a member. The BDA will not automatically stop providing services to members if their membership is not paid on the day their subscription is due for renewal. The BDA will assume that the member is just late in making payment. Reminders will be sent to the member. However if payment is not made by the deadline given to that member, then the member will be cancelled for non-payment.

Cancelling membership

Because Group membership subscriptions are calculated to provide services for a whole year and is an annual subscription, members can only resign from the Group at the start of their membership year.  Any member wishing to leave a Group should notify the BDA office in writing prior to the start of their new membership year or no later than one month after the start of their new membership year. Members paying by Direct Debit will need to ensure they notify the BDA in writing of their intent to resign. The BDA will not issue refunds on subscriptions paid if members fail to notify the BDA of their intent to resign to a Group more than one month after the start of the BDA membership year. 

If a member terminates their membership subscription to the BDA, then the Group subscription will automatically be terminated. If a member re-joins the BDA in the same membership year, Group membership will still remain terminated and the member will need to re-join the Group.

The BDA has the right to terminate or suspend membership, which will automatically terminate Group membership, of any member for any of the following reasons:

  1. Disciplinary action
  2. Failure to pay subscriptions
  3. Failure to pay any other money outstanding to the BDA.

When membership is cancelled or suspended due to disciplinary action, the member will be informed. The member will have the right to appeal against the decision. Notice of such an appeal must be given to the Honorary Secretary of the Association in writing within 21 days of notification to the person concerned of the decision. This appeal will then be taken to the next BDA Board of Directors meeting. The Directors' decision will be final.

When a member is due to be suspended or cancelled for non-payment of either subscriptions or other outstanding money, the BDA will advise the member of its intention and, providing the outstanding money is paid within the allotted time stated on that notification, the decision may be reversed. If the money is not paid within the allotted time, then the membership will be cancelled. 

The amount outstanding will remain on file and will need to be paid before the individual would be allowed to rejoin in the future. The member will then have the right to appeal in writing upon notification of their membership being cancelled. Notice of such an appeal must be given to the Honorary Secretary of the Association in writing within 21 days of notification of cancellation. This appeal will then be taken to the next available Council meeting. The decision of Council will be final.

Direct Debits

Direct Debits are by single payment for the full amount of the annual Group subscription.

Direct Debit payments will be taken from the member’s account on or as near to the 1st of the month as possible. If a payment fails, the BDA will advise the member accordingly and try to collect payment the following month. If either a single Direct Debit payment or an instalment payment fails three times, then the member will need to pay the subscription in full by card or cheque.