14 Oct 2020

AHP Day was first held in 2018 and started as a grassroots idea from Rachael Brandreth, a dietitian and Carrie Biddle, a language therapist, both based in Cornwall. You can read Rachael's thoughts on how AHPs Day came to be in this blog from 2018.

Allied Health Professions make up the third largest clinical workforce in the UK health and care sector, and are made up of fourteen distinct and highly qualified professions. You can find out more about all of them here. AHPs often work together as part of multidisciplinary teams, providing holistic support and treatment to people with a wide range of conditions and illnesses. 

You won't just find AHPs in the NHS! We can be found in the care sector, in industry, public health, academia and in communications and policy roles. 

This AHPs day we are looking to celebrate our professions, inform the public about what we do and encourage more people to consider a career as an AHP. We've collated lots of fantastic links and resources below, so dive in! 

How do you become an AHP?

How can I join in with AHPs Day?

What do dietitians and other AHPs do?