12 Aug 2020

On 30 July, the BDA published an initial response to the NHS People Plan welcoming the plan whilst also highlighting some areas that could be improved. We asked members to come forward with any feedback and have now developed a full response. Read the full response here

What is the People Plan?

The NHS England People Plan sets out what staff can expect from the NHS as an employer for the rest of 2020 and into 2021 and how parts of the NHS People Promise may be implemented. Integrated Care Systems (ICS) will lead and oversee progress towards the promises. The systems are encouraged to develop a local People Plan, organisations may also choose to have their own. The local People Plans will then be reviewed by regional and system People Boards (not yet established throughout England). As the third largest clinical workforce in the NHS, it is essential that People Boards include an Allied Health Professions (AHP) representative.

The plan highlighted the energy, creativity and drive that NHS workers have shown throughout the COVID pandemic. At the BDA, we have seen first-hand the dedication that the dietetic workforce has shown and continues to show to the people they serve and their colleagues throughout this time. We identified the importance of greater collaboration between services in our COVID Discharge Policy Statement, we feel this collaboration should become standard practice amongst health and social care services. We want our members to feel included, respected and supported by the organisations they work in and therefore welcome these promises set out by the NHS.

What will the BDA do in response? 

The BDA is committed to supporting the following: 

  • Establishing an equalities and diversities structure
  • Surveying managers to identify workforce issues and gaps so we can look at how we can help address these 
  • Supporting Advanced Clinical Practitioners and Supplementary Prescribers by providing a peer support network 
  • Investing in our CPD courses to improve accessibility to all members
  • Student recruitment and promotion project
  • Collaborative working with our HEIs to support the development of innovative student placements 
  • Development of a preceptorship programme
  • Supporting the progression of the dietetic apprenticeship schemes

As a trade union, we are committed to hold the NHS as an employer accountable to their promises

What can the dietetic workforce do?

  • Encourage managers to respond to the BDA workforce survey coming soon
  • Encourage trusts to implement volunteer positions in assisting with nutrition and hydration on wards
  • Become an NHS ambassador and encourage others to consider a rewarding career in dietetics
  • Speak to occupational health teamw about the Work Ready programme and put them in touch with the BDA 
  • Campaign for CPD activities to be mandatory, delivering the principles contained within the ‘Principles for continuing professional development and lifelong learning in health and social care