09 Aug 2021

Government recently agreed to accept the recommendation of the NHS Pay Review Body and award 3% pay increase to all NHS staff in England and Wales.

This is extremely disappointing news and goes nowhere near addressing the real terms shortfall in wages experienced by staff over the last 11 years. 

"We cannot respond to this pay award without your input.

"If you are employed in the NHS under Agenda for Change in England and Wales, please click the link in your email to let us know whether or not you are prepared to accept the award before 17 September 2021. 

"If you have not receieved your ballot via email and believe you should have, please get in touch." 

- Annette Mansell-Green, BDA Director of Trade Union and Public Affairs

With inflation now running at 3.9% the BDA had called for an increase of 7% or £2,000 - whichever was the greater - which would have delivered a meaningful rise for all staff and in particular those on the lower pay scales.

This award does not even deliver £2,000 for any staff earning below Band 8c.

The 3% award realises the following cash amounts to the top of the following bands:

Band 3 £634
Band 4 £725
Band 5 £918
Band 6 £1,137
Band 7 £1,135
Band 8a £1,335
Band 8b £1,860
Band 8c £2,210
Band 8d £2,633
Band 9 £3,148

This represents the gross pay amounts and does not take into account any deductions such as NI, tax and pension contributions.

This is not a negotiated pay award because in England and Wales, unlike Scotland, pay is determined through the Independent Pay Review Body Process which has made a recommendation covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is no opportunity for the trade unions to enter into negotiations with the government.

We are now asking our members to decide whether or not they are prepared to accept this pay rise.

Members in the NHS in Scotland accepted a pay award of 4% earlier this year and this has now been implemented. 

We will consult in Northern Ireland as soon as an announcement is made.