'News for members'

BDA pleased to endorse new competency framework for Allied Health Professionals from MNDA

Date: 08/10/2018

Over the past year, BDA members have worked with the MND Association, MS Trust and Parkinson’s UK on the development and retention of staff with a neurological specialism in the health and social care system. Today, we are delighted to have endorsed the important new resource that this project has produced.

The project identified and mapped the competencies of the various levels of dietitian working with patients with progressive neurological conditions. It has additional sections ...

Pay Deal Agreed in Wales

Date: 20/09/2018

The BDA Trade Union is pleased to announce that members in Wales will now benefit from an agreed pay deal along the lines of that agreed in England. Our officers have been working hard alongside colleagues from sister trade unions on the Welsh Partnership Forum to ensure that staff in Wales receive the best award possible by negotiation.

Staff at the top of their pay bands will receive a rise of 6.5% over the 3-year period of the deal with those below seeing individual increases due to the ...

University College Union (UCU) Industrial action: Advice to BDA members employed in universities

Date: 05/02/2018

Members may be aware that the UCU are in dispute over proposed changes to the USS pension scheme. Following a ballot, they will be taking strike 14 days of escalating strike action beginning on 22 February. The dates are as follows:

Week 1, Thursday 22 February and Friday 23 February

Week 2, Monday 26, Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 February

Week 3, Monday 5, Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7, Thursday 8, Friday 9 March

Week 4, Monday 12, Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14, Thursday 15, Friday 16 March

Unless you are ...

British Dietetic Association launches new Sustainable Diets Policy Statement

Date: 29/11/2017

The British Dietetic Association’s newly updated policy statement on Sustainable Diets sets out a clear commitment to the importance of sustainability in the day to day practice of dietitians.

The BDA believe everyone should have access to a nutritious, high quality diet that is both good for health and for the environment.

The BDA advocates for a reduction of red and processed meat in the UK diet, to be replaced by appropriate plant based proteins such as beans and pulses. Not only ...

British Dietetic Association launches updated guidance around the provision of hospital food

Date: 02/11/2017

At an event in central London yesterday, the British Dietetic Association Food Services specialist group launched the second edition of the Nutrition and Hydration Digest. The significantly revised and updated document builds on the success of the first Digest, and will replace it as one of the five key documents forming national hospital food standards in England.

Key changes to the document include updated references and recommendations including information about the latest Hospital Food ...

BDA and British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society agree to closer collaboration

Date: 16/10/2017

Following the recent World Obesity Day, the BDA is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS).

A number of BDA members are already members of BOMSS, so this step will build on existing strong links. It will commit both bodies to raise awareness of the other within their own membership, alongside greater collaboration on joint communications and policy on the important topics of obesity and weight ...

The BDA announces adoption of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) Framework

Date: 05/10/2017

Following consultation with stakeholders and an analysis of evidence, the British Dietetic Association (BDA) is announcing its support for the formal adoption of the IDDSI framework in the UK.

The BDA has been working with NHS England and a range of stakeholders (including representatives from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy, nurses, catering organisations and product manufacturers) to explore whether the UK should adopt the IDDSI framework. Also, earlier this year, the BDA ...

British Dietetic Association pleased to continue Children’s Food Trust’s legacy

Date: 28/09/2017

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) has been chosen as the preferred organisation to take over two important programmes from the Children’s Food Trust (CFT), which will sadly close its doors at the end of September. The transfer ensures that Let’s Get Cooking and The Learning Network will continue to be delivered, creating a positive legacy for the charity. 

Sian O’Shea, BDA Honorary Chairman and registered dietitian said; “While it is a shame that the ...

Letter to Prime Minister May

Date: 19/06/2017

The BDA trade union has joined forces with 14 other trade unions representing NHS workers to demand an end to the 1% pay cap.

Today, 19 June, a letter signed by unions including the BDA was delivered to the Prime Minister Teresa May. We send a warning ahead of the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday that failure to lift the cap will put at risk the recruitment and retention of dedicated NHS staff. Our members are fed up with having to do more with less with many losing around £3000 in ...

Revised HCPC guidance on returning to practice published

Date: 12/06/2017

HCPCThe HCPC has published revised guidance on returning to practice. The guidance was first published in July 2006, to help people who have taken a break from practising, or are considering doing so, to understand our requirements for coming back on to the HCPC Register.

The HCPC reviewed the returning to practice arrangements in late 2014, working closely with professional bodies. The review found that, although the requirements were generally considered to be working well, there was a need ...

BDA and BAPEN commit to closer joint working

Date: 25/05/2017

BAPEN logoThe British Dietetic Association (BDA) and British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN) are pleased to announce the signing of a formal Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations, which strengthens the already positive working relationship between the two bodies.

The BDA Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Group (PENG) are already a Core Group within the BAPEN structure, but the BDA and BAPEN Executives were keen to spread collaboration beyond this group. The ...

The BDA’s Dietitians Week 2016 wins Best Social Media Campaign award

Date: 18/11/2016

On Thursday November 17, the British Dietetic Association was presented as the winners of the Best Social Media Campaign at the Association Awards for the campaign Dietitians Week 2016 which took place from June 6 to June 10.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA), founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over 8,500 members.


British Dietetic Association joins Obesity Health Alliance

Date: 15/11/2016

The BDA is pleased to announce that it has joined the Obesity Health Alliance (OHA), a coalition of over 30 medical royal colleges, charities and professional bodies which are seeking to influence government policy on obesity. 

The OHA was formed in 2015 and includes members such as the British Medical Association, Cancer Research UK and the Children’s Food Trust. It has been one of the organisations at the forefront of the campaign to introduce a robust childhood obesity ...

HCPC launches three consultations

Date: 31/10/2016

The HCPC has launched three consultations. All three consultations will run until Friday 13 January 2017.

The consultations cover:

Members are invited to provide comments to the BDA which will be included in the BDA response. Please send your comments to consultation@bda.uk.com by Friday 9 December.

Alternatively you ...

National Diet and Nutrition Survey

Date: 08/09/2016

Tomorrow, Public Health England will release the report of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey*. This survey looks at what people are eating across the UK and the nutrition content of the UK diet.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) eagerly awaits the results from this survey to assess the positives and the downfalls of the UK diet and consider how dietitians can help the public to improve their overall health.

The BDA, founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union ...

British Dietetic Association and Motor Neurone Disease Association enter partnership

Date: 05/09/2016

The BDA is pleased to announce the creation of a formal partnership with the Motor Neurone Disease Association, the UK’s only national charity focused on MND care, research and campaigning. The Memorandum of Understanding builds on the already excellent working relationship between our two organisations and sets out a commitment to joint working up to 2020. The MOU has been jointly signed by BDA Chief Executive Andy Burman and MND Association Chief Executive Sally Light.

The ...

HCA and BDA join forces with inaugural memorandum of understanding

Date: 02/09/2016

The Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) and British Dietetic Association (BDA) have launched a memorandum of understanding to foster closer working practises between the two organisations.

The memorandum, which can be found online, was signed by current HCA Chair Phil Shelley, and BDA Chief Executive Andy Burman, and sets out an agreed formal framework between the parties.

Within the structure it seeks to deliver a closer working partnership between the BDA and HCA and a more informed ...

Opportunity for student and newly qualified AHP representatives – Allied Health Professions HEE Advisory Group

Date: 15/08/2016

Alongside, Art Therapists, Dramatherapists, Music Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Orthoptists, Paramedics, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Prosthetists and Orthotists, Radiographers and Speech and Language Therapists, an opportunity is available for a student or newly qualified Dietitian representative on the Allied Health Professions HEE Advisory Group.

View the Allied Health Professions HEE Advisory Group Terms of Reference for more information about this Group.

If you are interested, ...

New tool to help understand health research

Date: 08/08/2016

Today, a new tool Understanding Health Research has been launched to help people evaluate the credibility of research and studies.

Although health research appears in the media almost every day, most people find it difficult to know which studies are good quality, and which ones are not, which is where this tool aims to assist.

The tool takes users through a journey of questions to help them weigh up a research paper and assess credibility.

Although more and more scientific papers are now ...

BDA action taken against misuse of the title 'dietitian'

Date: 03/08/2016

Some of you may have seen a course recently advertised on various discount sites for £29, claiming to provide a qualification called Certified Dietitian Practitioner. Upon becoming aware of this course, the BDA contacted the HCPC and Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to take legal action if necessary. 

As the title ‘Dietitian’ is legally protected, the ASA has come to the conclusion that the advert “must not appear in its current form again”, and the ...

BDA statement on EU Referendum

Date: 04/07/2016

“Last weeks’ vote to leave the EU will have a significant impact on the future of the UK, and in all probability on the NHS and wider health policy. Unfortunately, there will be a great deal of uncertainty in the coming months as to exactly what changes will occur or their likely effects. However, you can be assured that the BDA will be here to support you and will take every step to ensure the views and concerns of our members are heard and that dietetics and nutrition policy ...

AHPs mandate for change workshop – now open!

Date: 04/07/2016

The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer for NHS England, Suzanne Rastrick, wants your further views on the emerging mandate for change for AHPs – read her blog here. This is your opportunity to make sure the mandate makes sense to you and reflects your views and the dietitian’s perspective. Only 1360 people out of an AHP workforce of over 100,000 took part last time – we all need to grab this chance to have our voice heard!

The team are also looking for comment from ...

Allied Health Professionals and Public Health: 2016 Survey

Date: 05/05/2016

Today sees the launch of a national public health survey for AHPs and their teams and the British Dietetic Association encourages members to take part.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA), founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over 8,500 members. 

The aim of the survey is to improve understanding of the preventative ...

Online workshop on future of AHPs launched – have your say!

Date: 29/04/2016

The BDA is thrilled that Suzanne Rastrick, NHS England’s Chief Allied Health Professions Advisor, has launched an online workshop for all AHPs which will help form a national declaration, strategy and programme of work for the professions.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA), founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over ...

New version of the Eat Well Plate

Date: 17/03/2016

The British Dietetic Association is pleased to announce that Public Health England has today released an updated version of the Eat Well Plate

eat well plate

The British Dietetic Association (BDA), founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for registered dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over 8,500 members.

The Eat Well Plate (EWP) is a pictorial summary ...

General and Education Trust Fund award winners

Date: 16/03/2016

As part of the BDA’s 80th birthday celebrations, we were privileged to present the winners of the General and Education Trust Fund (GET) awards. GET has a long history of supporting the science and practice of dietetics through the promotion of national awards which recognise the excellent work carried out by our members.

This year not only sees the annual awards being presented, but also two memorial awards and a lecture in honour of three significant contributors to the area of ...

Happy Birthday to the BDA – Association celebrates 80th anniversary!

Date: 15/03/2016

Wednesday 16 March sees the British Dietetic Association (BDA) celebrating a very special occasion – its 80th birthday.

The BDA, founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over 8,500 members. 

In 1936, the BDA held its very first meeting in the Grand Committee Room at St Thomas’ Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road in ...

Eating Well Living Well – new publication launched today!

Date: 14/03/2016

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) is pleased to announce that today sees the launch of a new magazine publication Eating Well Living Well (EWLW), produced in conjunction with the BDA.

The BDA, founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for registered dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over 8,500 members.

Targeted at dietetic patients, clients and the general ...

Fantastic news from Minister George Freeman, supplementary prescribing becomes a reality for the dietetic profession

Date: 26/02/2016

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) is delighted to share breaking news that dietitians have been granted supplementary prescribing rights. This significant decision made by Minister George Freeman, means that advanced level and experienced dietitians, who have successfully completed an approved post graduate education and training programme, will be able to prescribe medicines for their patients under a clinical management plan.

The BDA, founded in 1936, is the professional association ...

Dietitians move a step closer to gaining supplementary prescribing rights.

Date: 20/08/2014

Ministers have given the green light for proposals to extend prescribing rights for the Dietetic, Paramedic, Radiography and Orthoptist professions to progress to public consultation later this year.

Read more on our Prescribing page.

BDA Live update

Date: 17/07/2014

BDA members will have seen that the programme for ‘BDA Live 2014: Delivering enhanced outcomes for patients with long-term conditions’ is now available and registration is open at www.bdalive.co.uk.

We are working to finalise all elements of the event including the exhibition and there is an important update for BDA members.

Response to NICE public health guideline on Vitamin D

Date: 10/07/2014


Consultation Response

NICE public health guideline on Vitamin D: implementation of existing guidance to prevent deficiency

The Paediatric Specialist Group responded on behalf of the BDA. They highlighted the need for the guideline development group to provide clear guidance for health professionals on the supply of, and access to, vitamin D supplements. In particular, the Healthy Start supplements, and the need to addresses barriers in relation to knowledge and attitudes.

The ...

BDA Vision - a success!

Date: 06/06/2014

BDA Vision was held on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 June 2014 at Novotel, Broad Street, Birmingham. With over 100 people attending the two day event, there was lively atmosphere and discussion during the conference.

The programme ‘Outcomes and Impacts’ included discussions from Judyth Jenkins, Cardiff and Vale University Local Health Board, Linda Hindle, Public Health England, Michele Sandelson, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Barts NHS Trust, Andrew Nwosu, Regional Allied Health ...

Union update for BDA members

Date: 08/05/2014

TUC Pregnancy Discrimination - a short survey.

Joint Trade Union Statement from the All Wales Partnership Forum.

Wales Ballot Result regarding Management Offer Regarding Changes to Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions.

Full information available to BDA members.