Response to NAO report on health and care supplies in event of No-Deal Brexit.

Date: 27/09/2019

This morning has seen the publication of a statement from Meg Hillier MP, Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts, highlighting concerns around the risk of delays to supplies for health and social care if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

The statement highlights that the National Audit Office (NAO) has found that there is still significant work to be done in order to mitigate risks from this scenario. This includes improving government’s understanding of preparedness across the ...

Disappointment at lack of progress with sugar reduction programme

Date: 20/09/2019

The BDA has expressed concern about the lack of progress by companies in reducing sugar content of foods which contribute the most sugar to children's diets, following the publication of a progress report by Public Heath England today

BDA Deputy Chief Executive Sue Kellie said: “This second progress report on the voluntary sugar reduction programme shows a worrying lack of progress overall. A 2.9% reduction by 2018 is so far short of the 20% target by 2020 as to make it ...

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BDA joins call on government to protect school food in case of No Deal Brexit

Date: 25/08/2019

The BDA has joined Sustain, UNISON, the RSPH and others in writing an open letter to the Sunday Times, calling on government to take steps to mitigate the impact of a "No Deal" Brexit on school food.

We remain concerned that the three million children in the UK that depend on their free school meal as one of their main sources of nutrition could be amongst those impacted by an increase in food costs or shortages.

The full text of the letter is below. 

Dear Sir

We believe that the ...

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BDA welcomes government announcement of "Natasha's Law"

Date: 25/06/2019

The BDA today welcomes the news that the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will introduce "Natasha's Law", which will require all food businesses producing pre-packaged foods (such as sandwiches or salads) to include full ingredients lists, including all potential allergens. The BDA was one of a number of organisations that pushed for stricter rules on allergen and ingredient labelling as part of a consultation held earlier this year. 

The law is being named ...

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BDA contributes to Health Awareness Weight Management Campaign.

Date: 11/06/2019

The BDA is pleased to have contributed to a new campaign launched today by Health Awareness from Media Planet, which aims to raise awareness of weight stigma and highlight the varied approaches to weight management. A printed publication was enclosed today within every copy of the Guardian newspaper and all the articles are also available online

Dr Laura Stewart RD, a member of the BDA's Obesity Specialist Group wrote about tier three weight management services and the ...

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BDA joins call for long-delayed consultation on folic acid fortification

Date: 10/05/2019

Today the British Dietetic Association has joined the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Nutrition Society, the British Nutrition Foundation, SHINE the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus charity and others to call on government to release a long delayed consultation on folic acid fortification of flour. 

The BDA is signatory to a joint letter to Seema Kennedy MP, the Public Health Minister with responsibility for the government's policy on folic acid ...

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BDA Response to Closing the Gap Report

Date: 21/03/2019

Responding to today’s report Closing the Gap, a joint report by the Health Foundation, King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust about the NHS workforce, British Dietetic Association (BDA) Chief Executive Andy Burman said:

“This report highlights some of the key challenges facing the healthcare workforce in England and outlines some good policies to resolve them. They rightly recognise the significant challenges to recruiting more GPs and nurses. 

"However, we would ...

Drug companies must provide more vegan-friendly treatments for eating disorder patients, charities and union say

Date: 20/03/2019

Eating disorder services are struggling to respect the dietary requirement of vegan patients who need to be fed through a tube because of a lack of available products, three leading health organisations have warned.

There are currently no nutritionally complete vegan feeds that are approved by the Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances - the body responsible for advising on prescribing of foodstuffs - for clinicians to prescribe to vegan patients during treatment for an eating ...

Time to deliver on All Wales Obesity Pathway says BDA

Date: 10/01/2019

The British Dietetic Association has been joined by the Welsh Obesity Society, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and Royal College of Physicians in calling on the Welsh Government to use its forthcoming healthy weight strategy to finally deliver on the All Wales Obesity Pathway, nearly nine years after it was created.

The Pathway, developed by Welsh Government in 2010, sets out the range of services that should be available to people of all ages to help prevent and treat ...

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BDA Releases Top 5 Celeb Diets to Avoid in 2019

Date: 07/12/2018

The British Dietetic Association’s (BDA) spokespeople deal with hundreds of requests relating to nutrition from the media each year, as well a working with many more patients and clients who ask them about the latest celebrity or social media diet trend. Some of them are laughable, while others are potentially dangerous.

We’ve asked our dietetic experts to identify five of the wildest diet fads they’ve come across this year to help you avoid them in 2019.

1. Blood Type ...

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BDA welcomes government's folic acid fortification plans

Date: 24/10/2018

The BDA welcomes the news that the UK will introduce folic acid fortification of flour in order to reduce then risk of Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) in foetuses, such as Spina Bifida. This was confirmed by Public Health Minister Steve Brine MP yesterday (23 October 2018).

This is a public health policy which the BDA has supported for over a decade, and was first recommended as early as 1991 by the Medical Research Council. Mandatory fortification with limits on voluntary supplementation was ...

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BDA Response to Energy Drinks Consultation

Date: 30/08/2018

The BDA welcomes the Government’s consultation and supports legislation to ban the sale of energy drinks with high levels of caffeine (over 150 mg/l) to children under the age of 18 – including in vending machines.

We’ve previously given evidence to the Parliamentary Select Committee on this issue – too much caffeine can have a negative effect on blood pressure, sleep and headaches in children and adolescents. It can also impact on the absorption of calcium. Too much ...

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BDA welcomes government action to create Junk Free Checkouts and urges greater commitment to fund weight management and healthy lifestyle services

Date: 25/06/2018

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) welcomes the Government’s commitments outlined in the next phase of their childhood obesity plan. In particular, the BDA has long called for action on High Fat Sugar and Salt foods at checkouts alongside The Children's Food Campaign, so they are pleased to finally see action on this.

The BDA has also recently called for a ban on the sale of energy drinks to under 16s, and with manufacturers long saying these products are not suitable for ...

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BDA says families can take back control with home baking

Date: 25/06/2018

Following the publication of the second chapter of the Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy yesterday, dietitians are calling for a renewed focus on cooking skills and home baking to help families eat healthier and reduce health inequalities.

Large parts of the government’s Strategy are based around popular packaged and out of home foods. These include companies reducing the amount of sugar we eat in cereals, yoghurts, sweets, cakes, biscuits and puddings as well as reducing ...

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British Dietetic Association calls for investment to tackle preventable malnutrition affecting millions across UK

Date: 06/06/2018

Recent figures have put the cost of preventable malnutrition to the NHS and wider economy in the UK as high as £28 billion, with over three million people not getting enough to eat. Malnutrition leaves people at increased risk of disease, leads to longer and more frequent hospital stays and reduces quality of life. Elderly people are most at risk, with an estimated 1.3 million over 65s thought to be malnourished.

These shocking statistics reflect a significant and under recognised ...

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Sugar Reduction Progress Report shows work still to be done

Date: 22/05/2018

Reacting to Public Health England’s publication of its first update on the sugar reduction and wider reformulation programme, the British Dietetic Association (BDA) has expressed its initial disappointment at the lack of progress made. Only a 2% reduction in sugar content, against a target of 5%, has been achieved across the ten categories of food that contribute the most sugar to children’s diets. It is clear that much more work is needed, and some manufacturers and retailers ...

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New Research highlights importance of preconception nutrition

Date: 17/04/2018

A new series of articles published in the Lancet today have further strengthened the evidence around the impact of preconception diet, nutrition and lifestyle of parents on their children.

Using data from 509 women of reproductive age (18-42) in the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey, the report authors estimate that many UK women are not nutritionally prepared for pregnancy, and 96% of women in that age group have iron and folate dietary intakes below the recommendation for pregnancy ...

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Sugar levy just one step in the right direction

Date: 06/04/2018

Today’s (Friday 6th April) introduction of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy is a welcome step in the right direction, but only one part of what needs to be a much wider programme of action to tackle childhood obesity, says the British Dietetic Association.

The new levy has already had the intended effect, with a number of big name brands choosing to reduce the sugar content of their drinks. This has been complemented by a voluntary reformulation programme by Public Health England which ...

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BDA Wales Board cautiously optimistic about Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care

Date: 17/01/2018

The British Dietetic Association Wales Board, which represents dietitians and the dietetic profession throughout Wales, welcomes the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales published yesterday (16th January). The Parliamentary Review was tasked with looking at the long term sustainability of health and care services in Wales and makes ten high level recommendations. It draws on a year of evidence gathering and engagement exercises with patients, healthcare professionals and ...

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BDA joins ASO to oppose decision to restrict access to elective surgery on basis of BMI

Date: 15/11/2017

The British Dietetic Association supports the response of the Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO), to the decision by Hertfordshire Valleys and the East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to restrict access to elective surgery on the basis of Body Mass Index (BMI). The statement is as follows:

"The ASO accepts that economic pressures influence the funding of treatment in the modern NHS. It must also be acknowledged that as the annual Organisation for ...

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Dietitians Role in World Diabetes Day 2017

Date: 14/11/2017

This World Diabetes Day (14th November 2017), the BDA and the BDA Diabetes Specialist Group are highlighting the important role dietitians play in supporting people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes to manage their condition and improve quality of life through diet.

Colleagues at Diabetes UK recently published a report which outlined the top 10 research priorities for people with type 2 diabetes, as chosen by patients, carers and healthcare professionals. As part of this process they ...

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BDA supports new guidance on AHP Public Health Education

Date: 06/09/2017

The BDA is pleased to have supported the creation of new guidance, published today (September 6th), setting out what good practice looks like for public health in pre-registration Allied Health Professional education. The guidance, Public Health Content within the Pre-Registration Curricula for Allied Health Professions, aims to help shape individual professions curricula and support universities to review and develop their courses.

Work on the guidance was led by Public Health England, ...

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BDA welcome calorie reduction programme, but want to see childhood obesity plan bolstered

Date: 18/08/2017

Public Health England have today announced the launch of a calorie reduction programme as part of the government’s childhood obesity plan, which was launched a year ago today. PHE will consider the evidence of children’s calorie consumption and set the ambition for a calorie reduction programme which will include food such as ready meals, pizzas, burgers and savoury snacks. This programme will complement PHEs sugar reduction programme which has been running over the past year.


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How to have a healthy and mindful Easter

Date: 06/04/2017

With Easter just around the corner, Dietitian and British Dietetic Association (BDA) Spokesperson, Dimple Thakrar, explains how you can enjoy Easter without sacrificing your health.

The BDA, founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for registered dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over 9,000 members.

Often special occasions like Easter are accompanied by family ...

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BDA welcomes updated healthier and more sustainable catering guidance

Date: 03/03/2017

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) welcomes Public Health England’s newly updated Healthier and More Sustainable Catering: A toolkit for serving food to older people in residential care1, which now features greater recognition of the often underappreciated issue of malnutrition in care home settings.

The BDA, founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of ...

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How your workplace habits can improve your mood and health this Blue Monday

Date: 16/01/2017

Monday 16 January 2017 is allegedly the most depressing day on the calendar year – Blue Monday. With the Christmas festivities only distant memories, and the summer months seemingly far away, it can be easy for people to feel disheartened at this time of year, but the British Dietetic Association has outlined some things you can do to help lift your mood during the 9-5.

The British Dietetic Association’s Work Ready programme assists employers like yours to create a healthy ...

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The Little Black Dress and Dinner Jacket Guide to the festive season

Date: 30/11/2016

Christmas fireplaceToday the British Dietetic Association has released some tips for both men and women to enjoy the Christmas period without sacrificing their health.

'Tis the season to be jolly, but for many the Christmas festivities bring with them dread at the prospect of wrecking all of the year’s hard work towards being and staying healthy in just a few, short, party-filled weeks. After all, on average, people gain between 1-5lbs (0.5-2.5kg) over the Christmas period.

To ensure that everyone enjoys ...

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Absenteeism and presenteeism costs UK workplaces up to £23 billion per year

Date: 02/06/2016

Absenteeism and presenteeism* is costing UK employers up to £23 billion per year, according to the British Dietetic Association’s Work Ready Programme Whitepaper, highlighting the importance of investing in workplace health.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA), founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over 8,500 ...

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New version of the Eat Well Plate

Date: 17/03/2016

The British Dietetic Association is pleased to announce that Public Health England has today released an updated version of the Eat Well Plate

eat well plate

The British Dietetic Association (BDA), founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for registered dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over 8,500 members.

The Eat Well Plate (EWP) is a pictorial summary ...

Sugar levy on sugar sweetened beverages announced in today's budget speech

Date: 16/03/2016

The British Dietetic Association welcomes the sugar levy on sugar sweetened beverages, as announced in today’s budget speech.

The BDA, founded in 1936, is the professional association and trade union for dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over 8,500 members. 

The new levy will come into force in 2018 with two bands – one band for drinks with a total sugar content above 5g ...

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NHS England publishes Annual Review

Date: 16/09/2014

NHS England has published its first Annual Review.

This review takes a look at some of its highlights over the last year and includes real life case studies which show how patients are put first.

Despite many challenges, 2013/14 was a year to be proud of and one where NHS England made real progress on making some of its ambitions reality.

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Dietitians Have Key Role in New Hospital Food Announcement

Date: 29/08/2014

Hospitals have a responsibility to provide the highest level of care possible for their patients and this includes the quality and nutritional value of food that is served and eaten.

For the first time, the NHS (England) will have a set of required food standards, and hospitals in England will be ranked on the quality of their food. This is part of wider measures aimed at raising healthcare standards.

photo Anne DonelanThe Hospital Food Standards Panel, chaired by Dianne Jeffrey from Age UK, and involved Anne ...

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Dietitians move a step closer to gaining supplementary prescribing rights.

Date: 20/08/2014

Ministers have given the green light for proposals to extend prescribing rights for the Dietetic, Paramedic, Radiography and Orthoptist professions to progress to public consultation later this year.

Read more on our Prescribing page.

New Allergen Toolkit for Healthcare Catering Launched

Date: 09/07/2014

The British Dietetic Association (BDA), through its Food Counts! specialist group, and the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) have worked together to produce and launch a new toolkit that addresses food allergies/intolerances within healthcare catering settings.

The BDA, founded in 1936, is the professional association for dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the nation’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals with over 7,500 members.  The BDA ...

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Debate on sugar reduction kick-started

Date: 26/06/2014

Public Health England (PHE) has published a paper, “Sugar Reduction: Responding to the Challenge”, marking its commitment to help reduce sugar intake and improve the nation’s health.

PHE is calling on stakeholders, including NGOs, charities, academics, industry, retailers and consumers, to collaborate in tackling this increasingly serious public health concern.

PHE’s paper analysis of dietary data and discussions with stakeholders have identified a range of areas that ...

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Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) draft report: Carbohydrates and Health

Date: 26/06/2014

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) draft report Carbohydrates and Health has been issued (26 June 2014). The report is subject to a public consultation which closes on 1st September 2014.

Speaking of the report’s release, the BDA Honorary Chairman, Siân O’Shea, commented:

Sian O'Shea“The BDA welcomes the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition draft report Carbohydrates and Health and we will consider the recommendations carefully.  


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Trust a Dietitian (and others…) During ‘Week of Action’

Date: 20/06/2014

The BDA is delighted to be fully supporting the public health practitioners ‘Week of Action’, which aims to highlight the value and contributions of those health practitioners in improving the health and wellbeing of the nation.

The ‘Week of Action’ is being led by the Director of Nursing and allied health professions leads for Public Health England (PHE) and the Department of Health (DH).

Speaking about the ‘Week of Action’ the Director of Nursing at PHE, ...

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Dietitians Week: Where Are The 'Guyatitians' (male dietitians)?

Date: 11/06/2014

As part of Dietitians Week, the British Dietetic Association (BDA), looks at why the dietetic profession is almost exclusively female!  Where are all the male dietitians?  Or, as they have become known in some circles, Guyatitians!

Dietitians Week, organised by the BDA, is running the week commencing 9th June 2014 and, in addition to events being organised by the BDA, BDA members are running well in excess of 100 individual events around the UK from the tip of the country in Devon ...

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Dietitians Week: BDA and Top Twitter Chat Partnership Announced

Date: 03/06/2014

The British Dietetic Association (BDA), is pleased to announce it will be partnering with one of the UK’s foremost monthly food and nutrition Twitter ‘chats’ #RDUK during Dietitians Week in June.  Experts will debate meat-free eating, fat facts and nutrition truths/facts.

Dietitians Week, organised by the BDA, runs over the week commencing 9th June 2014 and, in addition to events being organised by the BDA, BDA members are leading well in excess of 100 individual ...

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First Major Retailer to go 'Junk-Free' at the Checkout

Date: 22/05/2014

The high-street supermarket Tesco has announced, following new customer research, that it will remove sweets and chocolates from checkouts across its full range of stores.

Tesco is going to go ‘junk-free’ at their checkouts.

photo Linda HindleLinda Hindle from the British Dietetic Association commented:

“This announcement from Tesco is warmly welcomed and goes to show they are listening to what the British Dietetic Association, in partnership with Sustain’s Children’s Food ...
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Guide for commissioning weight-loss programmes

Date: 21/03/2014

The launch of a clinical commissioning guide, supported by the BDA, on weight loss services has been launched, developed following a NICE accredited process has been welcomed by experts across several disciplines.

The guide is intended to assist clinical commissioning groups in commissioning these services and reduce variation in access to weight-loss clinics across the country.  It has the backing of five Royal Colleges, the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS), the ...

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The Dysphagia Game

Date: 18/03/2014

The Dysphagia Game:
Nutrition & Hydration Week 2014

During Nutrition & Hydration Week 2014, a new game has been launched which the BDA helped to develop called The Dysphagia Game. It is designed to help frontline healthcare staff identify and manage dysphagia more effectively. The game is fun but the issues are very serious. Dysphagia makes swallowing food and/or drinks difficult and is estimated to affect around 8% of the world’s population.

More information can be found at ...

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Nutrition and Hydration Week

Date: 13/03/2014

Hydration Week 2014 LogoThis year, the BDA is proudly supporting Nutrition and Hydration Week (week commencing Monday 17 March 2014).

Nutrition and Hydration Week is a collaboration between the Hospital Caterers Association, National Association of Care Catering and Patient Safety First. 

The campaign week reinforces and focusses energy, activity and engagement on nutrition and hydration as an important part of patient safety improvement.

During Nutrition and Hydration Week, individuals and organisations are ...

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