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Unions stand for fairness and diginity in the workplace. One of the main ways that manifests itself is in pay. We know what the work of our members is worth. Unfortunately all too often those in power don't seem to understand the value of those who pour their energies into sustaining the National Health Service and society as whole. Unions play a vital role in delivering that message and, in the NHS, negotiating pay claims for members.

As part of the wider union movement we recognise that calls for better pay are not confined to one workplace, one industry, or one sector. Improved pay is something that we want to see in society as a whole. That is why our BDA Trade Union alongside fellow NHS Trade Unions and the whole union movmeent are working hard to win a pay rise for key workers. 

Unions are looking for members to join this organising call on Tuesday, 9 February at 6pm 

During the pandemic key workers never stopped. When the shelves needed stocking - they were there. When hospitals were at breaking point - they were there. When children needed support and care - they were there.

They risk their lives every day. Yet they get paid eight per cent less than the average. This isn’t okay. Dietitians, Dietetic Support Workers, nurses, teachers, care workers, cleaners and ALL key workers deserve a pay rise. And we have a plan to make it happen.

Our plan will only work if you get involved. Join the call and step up to take action for key workers. They cared for us. Now it’s our turn to care for them.