Developing a Dietitian Apprenticeship

The Story so Far...

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September 2017: Proposal Accepted

Following on from the successful proposal by the profession to develop an apprenticeship  standard for degree level training (level 6) to become a dietitian, our next stage is to develop the standard.

Developing an Apprenticeship Standard

An apprenticeship standard must be approved by the Institute of Apprenticeships. It is a short document that describes what the apprentice will know, understand and be able to do at the end of their apprenticeship. It will include the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to achieve competence and enable the apprentice to register with the HCPC.

October 2017: Dietetic Trailblazer Group

As per Skills for Health’s guidance, apprenticeship standards are developed by a ‘trailblazer group’ which is an employer-led steering group. Friday 27th October 2017 saw the first meeting of the BDA’s apprenticeship trailblazer group. The group consists of dietetic managers from the NHS and industry alongside dietitians from universities, staff from Skills for Health and the Chair of the BDA, Sian O’Shea. Fiona Moor, Chair of the BDA's Education Board also chairs the trailblazer group.

The objectives of the meeting were to clarify the process and timescales by which the apprenticeship standard is to be developed and to review the first draft of the standard. 


The draft is undergoing further development within the trailblazer group and will be will open for consultation in the new year.