Dietitians are Fabulous!

If you have answer yes to these questions, you would love a career as a dietitian!


Do you love food? 

Do you love science?

Do you love helping people? 




Through studying nutrition and dietetics in university you will learn about nutrition for good health, as well as how to help people with nutrition who are not in good health. Food is to be enjoyed, and as a dietitian you have the privilege of being able to help people enjoy their food.


Food is a big part life. When you have a medical condition, you can struggle to meet nutritional needs, or having a medical condition can cause you to go off your food. Dietitians are trained to assess, diagnose and treat medical conditions with their expert nutrition training.


When you are a dietitian, you can think of yourself as a food doctor! Dietitians are the only trained professionals to be able to do this sort of job. This is what makes being a dietitian so special.


But that’s just the start of it! The world of opportunities as a dietitian is absolutely fantastic.


Opportunities for dietitians are growing every day. You can take your knowledge in to all sorts of different areas. From scientific research, to the media. From working with food companies, to working with athletes. You name it, you could do it. Any place where nutritional information is of importance, you’ll be qualified to do it as a dietitian.


And the British Dietetic Association will be there for you every step of the way. From starting your course at university, and throughout your whole career.


Check out this video of our dietitian Monica who works with children.