BDA's Professional Development Toolkit

The new Professional Development toolkit comprises two elements:  guidance documentation and template proformas to support you in your approach to CPD; alongside an optional assessed Award (PDA).

The supporting documents section is available to all BDA members and allows you to demonstrate your participation in activities which are of a high quality and further your own dietetic practice.

The benefits of the Professional Development Toolkit are as follows:

  • It allows you to record several different types of CPD together in one place.
  • It provides tools to aid reflection. These can thus be used to form the basis for HCPC audit evidence if required.
  • The toolkit is structured on an annual rolling basis and if followed as intended, you will reflect upon three to four CPD activities undertaken within the 12 month period (in one overarching reflective statement).  This will enable you to meet the HCPC stipulation that there be not more than a three month gap between CPD activities.

The Professional Development Award (PDA) element of the toolkit relates to the external assessment of completed documentation. This aspect of the toolkit is optional.  By submitting for the PDA, you can be assured of the following:

  • Evidence will be received by the BDA and marked by an external BDA Assessor.  All assessors are registered dietitians with considerable professional and training experience;
  • Whether or not your submission is successful, you will be provided with constructive feedback on areas of good practice and areas that could be improved.  This will help you in your professional dietetic career both in preparation for HCPC audit and work related professional development reviews; 
  • Successful completion of the annual programme is recognised with a PDA certificate which will contribute to your portfolio of evidence.

Whilst completion of the toolkit cannot guarantee success if you are selected as part of the HCPC two year audit cycle, it can certainly provide you with the confidence that you have maintained your CPD in a professional and robust fashion.

The cost of the assessed Award is a flat fee of £75 upon document submission.

For further advice about the Professional Development Award, please contact

The BDA's Professional Development Toolkit can now be found on the online learning site.