Placement Locations

As demonstrated via the BDA’s flagship campaign ‘Trust a Dietitian’, dietetics now transcends the traditional NHS settings, with dietitians working across a multitude of sectors. The profession has representation in almost all nutrition related fields, including social care, industry (medical nutrition, food manufacture), research, community education and sport to name just a few.

Practice Education outside the NHS

Some examples of appropriate placement opportunities outside of traditional NHS environments include supermarkets, industry and charities.

Various tasks can be undertaken to fulfil learning outcomes. For example; offering supermarket tours to members of the general public for specific conditions (coeliac, diabetes, food allergies and understanding and reading food labels); run health promotion stands in store or in staff canteens; review nutritional information leaflets for the general public; update product information looking at the latest evidence; develop resources for the general public or health professionals; help with quality improvement and focus groups.

A placement outside of the NHS may not be appropriate to fulfil an entire placement period, as such, it might be appropriate to have a student for a section of their placement or weekly to gain a range of experience. The remaining placement time could be completed in an acute trust or community placement.

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