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BDA Legal provides a range of legal services to BDA members and their families, including personal injury and employment law claims, free simple wills, conveyancing, as well as a free advice line that can cover any legal issue

  • Advice line: 0800 668 1922

At BDA Legal we also offer a free motor legal service, a criminal and regulatory service, family law service and a dedicated Scottish Law firm service.

Our primary focus is to provide exceptional legal services to BDA members and maintain 100% of their cost awarded by taking no deductions from their compensation.

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We offer the following services which members can login and click to read more about.

All pages are available in a single Acrobat PDF file.

  1. Personal Injury.
  2. Employment Services.
  3. Criminal and Regulatory Matters.
  4. Motor Claims Service.
  5. Conveyancing.
  6. Wills.
  7. Powers of Attorney.
  8. Legal Advice Line.


UnionLine is a trading name of Trade Union Legal LLP. UnionLine is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under number 608309