BDA Members call to action

Public Sector Pay Cap


On Tuesday 17 October, the TUC is holding a rally in Parliament square to demand an end to the unfair real terms pay cuts for public service workers. The BDA would like to ask as many members as possible to join us to make sure that our presence is felt and our voice is heard.

There will be high level speakers at the event, including the BDA Chair elect Caroline Bovey.

The TUC is joining with our unions and thousands of supporters to tell the government that we have had enough. Public sector workers deserve fair pay, and the country can’t afford not to give it to them. We want you to join us.

We need the government to act fast to give all public-sector workers the pay rise that they deserve. They must:

  • Scrap the artificial restrictions on public sector pay.
  • Make sure no public service workers are paid less than the real living wage.
  • Find new money to fund a fair pay rise – don’t add pressure to already overstretched public services.
  • Let employers, unions and pay review bodies work out the right pay deal for each sector.
  • Recognise the loss of pay over the last seven years.

We want you to come to Parliament Square to join us, and make your voice heard.

If you can’t attend the rally in person, tell your friends and family to get the word out. There are also events happening around the country. If you require any further information then please contact the BDA Trade Union at or visit

Posted 26th September 2017