BDA TU What We Do

Where do you cover?

Your BDA Trade Union covers members across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Where are the BDA Trade Union based?

We are based in the BDA offices in Birmingham. Having said that our officers are often found travelling to meet members or attend relevant meetings across the UK. In particular our National Casework Officer Steve Austin frequently represents members across the country in person.

Are all your officers based in Birmingham?

Our Scotland & Northern Ireland Officer Scott Keir is based in Scotland and travels to Northern Ireland.

Would I be able to get a BDA Trade Union Officer to attend my BDA event?

Absolutely! We are keen to ensure that every members is fully up to speed with what their BDA Trade Union is doing and we recognise that one of the best ways is in person.

Our officers are able to do deliver presentations, Q&As, and mini workshops at BDA events at no cost to the organisers. Furthermore we can cover a range of topics including NHS issues, rural dietetics, employment law updates, and more.

What events do the BDA Trade Union run?

First and foremost we organise training for our Trade Union representatives (in conjunction with the TUC). This ensures that our BDA Trade Union Reps are equipped with the skills they need to assist with their fellow BDA members in the workplace. We also run refresher days for our reps to keep them up to speed and are in the process of planning our first nationwide TU Reps conference.

We are also active participants at events run by the wider Trade Union movement such as conferences and marches organised by the TUC. The former assist with formulating policy to improve society and the latter are a tangible expression of the strength of feeling we and thousands of other Trade Unionists feel about workers’ rights.

As part of ‘Health Campaigns Together’ we contributed to the NHS 70th Birthday Celebration (pictured) and were able to use that opportunity to have a dietitian and BDA member speak from the rostrum on the important role that dietetics plays within the health service (and why we need sustained investment in the field and the people who work within it). If this sounds like it would interest you we'd love to have you along for the next one.

How do I request a BDA Trade Union Officer for an event / how do I find out more?

Please contact or you can contact our Organising Officer directly on