Your BDA Trade Union - Who We Are

Who We Are

The BDA Trade Union is the sum of its 9,000+ members, 200+ workplace representatives, and the full time officers who support them.

Workplace Representatives

The BDA Trade Union has in excess of 200 workplace representatives and we are always on the lookout to recruit more. We ensure our reps receive TUC accredited training so they are best able to look after the interests of the BDA membership. The training involves knowledge and practical application of legislation around health & safety, employment law, and equalities.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of our reps is that they are in the best position to understand the needs and demands placed on Dietitians and Dietetic Support Workers as they are Dietitians and Dietetic Support Workers themselves.

Full Time Officers

Our dedicated team of full time officers (full disclosure – one of them is writing this piece…) are focussed on ensuring that BDA members receive the best possible Trade Union support and that member interests are promoted in the wider world of work. Our work covers representing members, promoting the cause of the BDA, campaigning for equality, and more.

The BDA Trade Union Team is given below:

  • Annette Mansell-Green - Head of Employment Relations
  • Steve Austin - National Employment Relations Officer
  • Scott Keir - Scotland and Northern Ireland Officer
  • David Hamblin - Campaigns, Comms, and Organising Officer
  • Stuart Mills - Trade Union Administrator

Beyond the Workplace

Our primary focus is on immediate workplace issues (and rightly so) but we recognise that in order to create a workplace that is fit for our members it is vital to contribute to a society that is fit for those who live within it. It is for this reason why the BDA Trade Union is proud to be involved with the TUC (Trades Union Congress – see yesterday’s blog) and in particular the work it does to promote equality. We are involved with the TUC at a national level submitting and supporting motions to TUC Congress. We are also present at equality conferences including Women’s Conference and LGBT Conference. We are also proud to say that we will be sending a delegate for the first time to the TUC Young Workers Conference at Congress House, London.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in becoming a rep, attending conferences, or just generally get involved please contact out Campaigns Officer David Hamblin at