BDA TU Organising Officer Interview


David Hamblin


BDA Trade Union Campaigns, Communications, and Organising Officer

That seems a tad excessive…

As a rule we shorten it to just “Organising Officer”

 How long have you been with the BDA?

Just over a year

What does your role entail?

Writing posts like this for one! As a rough overview I assist with training, develop campaigns, manage the BDA Trade Union Social Media communications, recruit Trade Union representatives, and some more besides.

What’s your background with Unions?

I am a longstanding union member but first got actively involved when I worked at a utility firm. I wanted to find out more about the way the company worked and I wanted to ensure that I and my colleagues had their rights protected. I volunteered to become a Trade Union Rep received my training and started to represent members in a range of scenarios including sickness meetings, grievances, and disciplinary meetings.

I was also (at the time) classed as “Young” so I became involved in the Young Member Structures of my union. I attended conferences, organised campaigns, and was able to speak at a national level about issues that affected me and my fellow workers (in particular pay and housing). To me that is one of the real strengths of the Trade Union movement: providing support to those than need it so that their voice may be heard. We also helped to coordinate marches and rallies to help influence policy makers.

I found the experience to be profoundly beneficial on both a personal and professional basis and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve been so keen to set up a BDA Trade Union Young Worker Network.

Why do you #HeartUnions?

Unions have been shown to be consistently the best way to improve conditions in workplaces. Whether it’s regarding pay, conditions, or even whether there is a workplace at all Trade Unions have played a vital role in fighting for their members.

I am particularly proud of the role that Trade Unions play in defending the NHS both as an institution but also as defenders of the people that make up the NHS. We work to ensure that the staff of the NHS are properly supported in terms of their pay and the facilities they use to provide healthcare.

The union movement have helped me to fight for the rights of others at every level. I’m keen to assist others to be able to do the same.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in becoming a rep, attending conferences, or just generally get involved please contact out Campaigns Officer David Hamblin at