Heart Unions Week 2019

What is Heart Unions Week?

Every year around Valentine’s Day is Heart Unions Week (this year 11-15 February 2019) where we celebrate why we love unions and the work they do.

Who organises Heart Unions Week

The Trade Union Congress (TUC – more on that below) organises Heart Unions Week in conjunction with its members.

What’s the Trade Union Congress (TUC)?

The Trade Union Congress is an organisation that supports and co-ordinates the work of a number of Trade Unions in the UK. The BDA Trade Union is proud to be an affiliate of the TUC.

Am I in a Trade Union?

If you are a Full or Associate BDA member then you are part of the BDA Trade Union.

What does a Trade Union do?

Historically Trade Unions have fought for better pay, improved conditions, and equality. These are all issues on which we campaign on today. We campaign on both a local and national level to improve the lives of our members.

What does the BDA Trade Union do?

All of the above! We have negotiated NHS wide pay deals and improvements to conditions. Furthermore we train local representatives so that our members have someone accompanying them and looking out for their interests in the workplace. However Unions are more than just a list of services provided and positions taken. Unions are part of a wide ranging movement.

What will the BDA Trade Union be doing in Heart Unions Week?

We will be publishing daily blogs at noon each day focussing on a different aspect of what we do. We will also be highlighting those involved in championing the interests of our members.

How can I get involved with the BDA Trade Union?

Contact our Campaigns Officer David Hamblin on d.hamblin@bda.uk.com