10 reasons to support the proposed NHS pay deal

NHS trade unions believe that there are 10 good reasons for members to back the proposed pay deal that has been negotiated with employers and the government.

1. This deal is better than what was on offer. Pay for nearly all staff will increase by at least 6.5% over the three years – with 3% of that in the first year. This is the first fully funded offer that breaks the hated 1% pay cap in public services. Last year the Pay Review Body gave “serious consideration to the case for a nil pay award.”

2. The government and employers have agreed with us that the top of the band is the full rate for the job. This agreement would increase the value of the top of those bands and get staff there more quickly.

3. Pay increases would be made up of a mix of pay awards, incremental progression and reform. These proposals help more people get the full rate for the job sooner than they do at present.

4. Over 85% of all current NHS staff would be at the top of their pay band by the end of this proposed three year deal. That’s far faster than they can get there now.

5. 100,000 NHS staff taken out of poverty pay and put on a salary higher than the real Living Wage. That’s the most people ever who have been moved to a rate above the Living Wage in one go.

6. Starting salaries in each band would be increased. The rises would be between 12% and 22% and help recruit new staff into the NHS easing the pressure on existing staff.

7. It would take most new starters less time to reach the full rate for the job – a maximum of five years. Most staff would take between two and four years compared to the eight years it currently takes some staff to get to the top.

8. A cash lump sum for all staff at the top of their band on 1 April 2019. This would be worth between £210 and £800 depending on pay band.

9. No changes to annual leave. No one will be giving up a day’s leave and an agreement will be reached to support staff who want to buy or sell annual leave as well as ensuring staff get TOIL or pay for extra hours they work.

10. Firm commitment from NHS employers and government to reach a national agreement on apprentice pay. Currently many NHS apprentices are paid less than £4 an hour.

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