BDA Trade Union: May Day 2019

Happy International Workers' Day from the BDA Trade Union team!

The BDA is proud to be both a trade union and to be affiliated to the Trade Union Congress (TUC). We are proud to be part of an international movement which seeks what is best for its members: fairness, equality, and dignity in work. 

Our members work in an array of different parts of society: the NHS, industry, education, private practice, and more. We recognise that in all job roles there is an interconnected reliance on our fellow workers across a range of disciplines and that we have the same interests in ensuring that all are represented and supported.

We represent and support our members both nationally and locally with our BDA TU Officer team and our BDA Trade Union Reps. We campaign for the best deal for our members and seek to promote the profession. 

So this International Workers Day we encourage our members to consider how they can get further involved with their BDA Trade Union: consider becoming a rep, writing for Activate, attending a conference, and more.


David Hamblin

BDA Organising Officer


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