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A dietitian could find themselves at some point failing in their performance at work or their ability to carry out their job.  As a result the dietitian could find themselves in a Capability process.

The BDA has produced guidance for dietitians on what the capability process is and what support is available for the dietitian from the BDA.  The Employer will decide how they intend to address the dietitians failing performance and this could be either through a Performance Management Process, a Disciplinary Process or if the issue is due to ill health through the Sickness Procedure.

Performance Management 

Performance Management or Capability is a procedure where the Employer will identify what the failing of the dietitian is and put in place training or support to help the dietitian correct the problem and return to normal working level.  The Employer will have a Performance management Policy that will be followed so as to give the dietitian all possible opportunity to improve.  The BDA will support dietitians going through Performance Management.  The dietitian should contact the local BDA Trade Union Representative or the Trade Union Office.

The dietitian is advised to get from the employer a copy of the local Performance management / Capability policy as this is the process that will be followed.

Failure to improve could ultimately result in the Employer dismissing the Member.

Sickness Procedure 

Where the dietitians poor performance is due to sickness or even the dietitian is away from work due to sickness the Employer will have a Sickness Policy the aim of which is to give the dietitian all possible support to return to work or improve their work by addressing the Health issue. 

The dietitian may be able to ask the Employer for Reasonable Adjustments in the workplace to assist the dietitian return to and continue working (see BDA Guidance on the Equality Act 2010 and its impact on Members).

The BDA will support dietitian going through Sickness Performance Management with representation from the Trade Union.  In some cases the dietitian health may be such that the Employer has to terminate the dietician’s employment.

Dietitians are advised to obtain a copy of their local sickness Management Policy which is the process the employer will follow when dealing with sickness and then to contact their local BDA Trade Union Representative or the Trade Union Office for support.

The Fit for Work Service in England, Wales & Scotland

For information on the Fit for Work Service that comes in to effect in May 2015 see Wellbeing Section.

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