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Grievance is the process a dietitian will use to bring to the Employers attention an issue of concern that the dietitian has and asking the Employer to resolve the problem.  The Employer will have a Grievance Procedure in place in order to enable them to deal with the dietitians issue in a fair and consistent manner.

The BDA is here to advice, support and guide dietitians through the grievance process.  The BDA has produced guidance on Grievance to assist dietitians and give dietitians sound advice when raising a grievance with their employer.


Mediation is where an impartial third party (the mediator) helps two or more people who are in dispute to attempt to reach an agreement.  The agreement does not come from the mediator but from the parties in dispute.

Where a dietitian has raised a grievance with their employer about a relationship with another person or persons the Employer in an attempt to resolve the problem may recommend Mediation.

The BDA has produced guidance on Mediation which will explain to dietitians the process.

The BDA has also produced a checklist resource that will enable dietitians and Trade Union Representatives to check that mediation is being introduced effectively.

Dignity at Work 

Dignity at Work is also referred to as Bullying and Harassment.

This topic is explained in more detail in our section on "Wellbeing”.

The BDA has produced guidance for dietitians on bullying and Harassment.

Bullying at Work

The most recent NHS staff survey results suggest bullying and harassment has been a persistent concern over a number of years, with between 22% and 24% of staff responding as having been the subject of bullying in each of the last four years’ surveys, and with significant variations across different types of staff and NHS organisations.

1 Point One - What is workplace bullying

2 Point Two - How to deal with Bullying

3 Point Three - How to help someone being bullied

4 Point Four - How Bullying Effects People

5 Point Five - Cost of Bullying

Resources to address Bullying

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