Anna Daniels

"Any media that I have featured in that is educational and raises the profile of dietitians is an achievement"

AnnaDanielsAnna Daniels
BDA Media Spokesperson, Comms and Marketing Board Member

Job title and work location
Freelance Dietitian, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Q. What attracted you initially to the media spokesperson role?
“I initially applied because I enjoy writing and to be asked to comment on topics relevant to dietetics is a brilliant way to gain some experience in writing whilst promoting accurate nutrition messages.”

Q. What does your s role involve?
“I usually assist journalists with comments for articles or help with their research on many different nutrition topics. This, along with speaking on the radio and television, means that each day in the press office is very different. I can be commenting on anything from different types of milk, detoxing, to cereal.”

Q. Your biggest achievement in the role?
“Any media that I’ve featured in that is educational and raises the profile of dietitians is an achievement. Ensuring the key messages are clear and correct is important as you won’t be able to control the edit. I’ve recently recorded some items for Channel 4, however I do believe my biggest achievement is ahead of me and I’m looking forward to it.”

Q. Would you recommend this role to others?
“Yes of course! I’d encourage anyone wanting to develop their communication skills as a dietitian, with an interest in public speaking, to apply to do the media spokesperson training.”

Q. Has this role helped your professional development/career?
“I'm constantly having to read up and refresh on topics. Although dietitians have brilliant and concise training, the media picks up on stories which may be quite niche, so ensuring you provide expert comments can mean extra time spent reading to ensure your messages are up-to-date and relevant to current guidelines. For CPD, it’s a great way to stay relevant whilst remaining on top of current trends.”

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