Respond to a Consultation

The BDA are invited to respond to a wide range of consultations from external organisations, including the Department of Health, Scottish Government and NICE to name just three.  

It is important that the BDA responds to consultations that are of relevance to the profession to ensure that our views are heard, but also to raise our profile and to seek further involvement and opportunities to be involved on issues of particular importance to the profession.

Consultations are managed in several ways:

  • BDA responds centrally and collates comments from the whole membership
  • BDA Specialist groups are notified of new consultations relevant to their field and would decide if a response was required
  • A member of the profession with expert knowledge would be identified to take the lead on the response
  • Engagement with NICE consultations is through the BDA Specialist groups. See BDA clinical guidelines pages.
  • A BDA board is identified to take the lead on the response

We always greatly appreciate members’ comments and input into any BDA response. You may just wish to write a few comments on the specific area that you feel strongly about or you may wish to comment on the document as a whole.

How do I find out what consultations are open at the moment?

Look out for current consultations in Members Monthly or other BDA channels.  

For any further information, to notify us of a consultation you think we've missed or to provide any comments on a consultation, please email

You can find information on published/completed consultations on the Consultation page

How members contribute to National Clinical Guidelines

BDA members work with Royal Colleges and other national clinical bodies and organisations to develop clinical guidance both in recognition of the key role nutrition plays in underpinning all care and also for the specific expertise of the dietitian. Members work nationally and internationally to develop dietetic and multi-professional guidance. We always welcome the opportunity to support, endorse and publicise this work.