Branch of the Year Award

The Branch of the Year Award recognises and highlights the immense work that the volunteer members give to Branches in developing and supporting the profession. It was launched in 2013 to thank volunteer members for their enthusiasm, commitment and time given to their Branch. It is also a great opportunity for Branches to celebrate and highlight all the fantastic work that has been achieved.

Branch committees are asked to submit a nomination, this is judged by a panel of BDA Council members and the Award is presented, on an annual basis, at the BDA Awards Dinner.

Branch of the Year 2018

Congratualtions East Scotland Branch! 

The East Scotland Branch were awarded the Branch of the Year 2018 award at the BDA awards ceremony on the 19th of June. The branch submitted their application based on membership engagement. The judges were particularly impressed with the branches success in using technology to engage with all members. As East Scotland is such a difficult and large terrain to manage the branch made great strides to reach all of their members by using webinars and social media to bring together their members both virtually and in person. Their success went beyond dietetics when encouraging their members to engage with social media by hosting a social media webinar and helping them find the confidence to showcase the profession and shout loud and proud about what dietitians do. Congratulations to the East Scotland Branch! 

A special thanks to the Glasgow and West Scotland Branch and the London Branch who were shortlisted, for all of their hard work and presenting alongside East Scotland at Groups and Branches Day. A special mention to those who applied for the award, you each did a fantastic job!

Previous Winners


Yorkshire Branch 

Shortlisted: East Scotland and South West England


Kate Hall, Ann Ashworth and Louise Wilkinson

South West England Branch 

Shortlisted: North West England and North Wales Branch, Yorkshire Branch


Marjory collecting Glasgow and WScotland 2015
Glasgow and West Scotland Branch

Shortlisted: North West England and North Wales Branch. London Branch.


Branch of the Year - London 2014
London Branch

Shortlisted: Glasgow and West Scotland Branch.


Glasgow and West Scotland Branch Award 2014
Glasgow and West Scotland Branch

Shortlisted: Northern Ireland Branch and London Branch.

Yorkshire Branch were awarded Branch of the Year at the BDA Awards Dinner on the 4th July 2017 in Birmingham. Congratulations to the committee on their recognition for all their hard work and time given to the Branch.

The Yorkshire branch stood out in particular due to their drive for innovation, diversification and their excellent member communications. Short videos were introduced to give members a sneak peek at events.

Using social media the Branch were able to reach far beyond Yorkshire to engage with Dietitians abroad and in all areas of the UK. The branch constantly showed dedication and enthusiasm when using their social media channels and used unorthodox methods of marketing (cake!) to ensure that their drive and passion for Dietetics and nutrition shone through.

Congratulations also goes to the two shortlisted Branches: