Volunteer Opportunities

G&B volunteer infographic

Each Specialist Group and Branch are run by a motivated and committed group of volunteer members. They give their time and expertise, ensuring that the profession develops and advances. Join them today!

Specific volunteer opportunities for Specialist Groups and Branches will be advertised below. Each role is supported by a role description which provides details on how to apply and who to contact for more information. Any questions, please contact Carlena Probert-Baulch, Volunteer Officer (Groups and Branches).

Why Volunteer?

There are a number of benefits to getting involved with your Specalist Group or Branch committee including:

Develop valuable job skills – volunteering is a great way to discover something that you are really good at and also develop new skills. Many roles offer the opportunity to gain career enhancing skills, such as leadership, project management, marketing, and negotiating and finance management. We also offer formal training for some roles.

Make new contacts and friends – volunteering gives you the opportunity to broaden your networks and can expose you to new friends who have common interests. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people who may become future colleagues or mentors. Many committee members also find it fun!

Developing the profession – working as part of a committee team, you are leading and ensuring the provision of CPD, providing vital opportunities for dietitians to network and offering them the opportunity to hear updates and best practice in a wide variety of different areas. This is contributing to the development and advancement of the profession and ultimately driving demand for dietetics.


See Specialist Group and Branch vacancies listed below:

Specialist Groups

There are currently no vacancies for Specialist Groups.


The following positions are available for nomination:

There are currently four members filling all of the Branch roles. The members are all experienced committee members and are offering members the opportunity to shadow their roles before taking the lead. If you are interested in getting involved please contact c.probert-baulch@bda.uk.com for further details or submitt a nomination form for the role that you are interested in. 

South East Branch 

The committee have a number of roles available, please click the links below for more informaiton - 

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Annemarie Aburrow to submit a nomination form or for a confidential chat about the roles no later than the 20th of September 2019. 


South West Branch

The South West Branch has various committee roles available, please contact Carlena  to learn more. 

If you would like to put yourself forward for a committee role, please submit a nomination form to c.probert-baulch@bda.uk.com