BDA Member Volunteer Hub

To help us achieve as much as possible as both a professional body and trade union for the dietetic profession, we rely on our proactive valued members to give up their time, energy and expertise to take on a range of crucial volunteer roles. Undoubtedly, if these superstar volunteers didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be nearly as effective as we currently are in protecting, representing, and promoting the profession. 

It goes without saying that as dietitians, it’s in all of our best interests to showcase the excellent work our great profession achieves, so we count ourselves extremely lucky to currently have over 1,000 proactive members in vital BDA volunteer roles.

Types of volunteer roles

Our member volunteer roles vary and there are many opportunities for members to get involved depending on the amount of time you may have to contribute.

Undertaking a volunteer role provides you with excellent opportunities to network, learn new transferrable skills and adds to your CPD.