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Trade Union Representatives Training

The BDA Trade Union Representatives Training Programme is a 4 day programme of learning which is structured to develop all of the basic knowledge and skills a BDA trade Union representative will need. 

The programme is delivered by TUC tutors and is accredited.  The programme consists of a two day residential course, with a pre attendance module to complete.  Then there is a further two day residential course two weeks later. Then modular work to do back in the workplace to complete the course programme.  It is essential that representatives complete the whole programme. 

TU training is held in March, May/June and October each year, at a trade union education centre.

The BDA Trade Union also run a programme of one day Annual Representative Development Days in each Country and in each Region in England to update Trade Union Representatives on changes in Employment Law.

About the training

The ​BDA ​Trade ​Union ​initial ​training ​course ​for ​Local ​TU ​Reps ​is ​delivered ​in ​a ​blended ​learning ​format. ​There ​is ​a ​mix ​of ​pre-course, ​residential ​classroom ​based, ​and ​e-learning ​packages ​structured ​to ​develop ​the ​basic ​knowledge ​and ​skills ​required ​to ​represent ​members ​effectively ​in ​the ​workplace. ​Trade Union training is free to attend. Onsite accommodation ​is ​provided and ​travel ​expenses ​are ​covered ​by ​the ​BDA. 

This ​new ​program ​has ​been ​developed ​in ​conjunction ​with ​the ​TUC ​and ​is ​delivered ​by ​professional ​TUC ​tutors. ​The ​residential ​element ​of ​the ​course ​comprises ​2 ​days ​with ​a ​2 ​week ​break ​for ​e-learning ​followed ​by ​further ​2 ​days ​in ​the ​classroom. ​It ​is ​essential ​that ​all ​Reps ​complete ​the ​new ​training ​package ​in ​order ​to ​achieve ​accredited ​recognition ​status. ​Established ​TU ​reps ​are ​also ​encouraged ​to ​attend ​to ​refresh ​their ​skills.

Upcoming Training

Trade Union - Representative Training - March 2020

This ​course ​is ​held ​on ​Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 March, ​and ​then ​on ​Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 March and open to all local BDA TU Reps.



For information and guidance on expenses please refer to the TU Expenses Guidance page (Members only) (