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The BDA publishes a series of dietetic resources via Wiley Blackwell, BDA members receive a 35% discount off printed publications.* 

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Titles include:

Manual of Dietetic Practice, 6th Edition

Manual of Dietetic Practice 6th Edition front cover

Published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the BDA

Edited by Joan Gandy

August 2019 | Hardback | 1032 pages | ISBN 9781119235927

The authoritative guide for dietetic students and both new and experienced dietitians – endorsed by the British Dietetic Association 

Now in its sixth edition, the bestselling Manual of Dietetic Practice has been thoroughly revised and updated to include the most recent developments and research on the topic. Published on behalf of the British Dietetic Association, this comprehensive resource covers the entire dietetics curriculum, and is an ideal reference text for healthcare professionals to develop their expertise and specialist skills in the realm of dietetic practice. This important guide includes:

  • The latest developments and scientific evidence in the field.
  • New data on nutrition and health surveillance programs.
  • Revised and updated evidence-based guidelines for dietetic practice.
  • An exploration of how Public Health England has influenced the field.
  • Practical advice on public health interventions and monitoring.
  • A companion website with helpful materials to support and develop learning.

Written for dietitians, clinical nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals by leading dietitians and other professionals, the Manual of Dietetic Practice continues to provide a crucial resource for experts and novices alike.


Hardback: £104.95 (£68.22 for BDA members with 35% discount*)

E-book: £94.99

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics, 5th edition

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics front cover

Published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the BDA.

Edited by Vanessa Shaw

July 2020 | Hardback | 704 pages | ISBN 978-1-119-46729-8

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics, Fifth Edition continues to provide a very practical approach to dietary management of children with an extensive range of disorders. Thoroughly revised to reflect the most recent scientific and medical literature, this new edition proves to be an indispensable guide for both acute and community-based healthcare professionals.

New and expanded content covering a range of disorders, treatments and guidelines has been introduced to the fifth edition, from diabetes technology and the ketogenic diet, to renal tubular disorders, refeeding syndrome, and blended diets in enteral nutrition. This authoritative volume:

  • Supports contemporary evidence-based clinical practice
  • Covers inherited metabolic disorders and diseases of all major organ systems
  • Provides contributions from practising paediatric dietitians, academic research dietitians and a paediatric psychiatrist
  • Includes worked examples, real-world case studies and easy-to-use tables

Produced in collaboration with the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the BDA Paediatric Specialist Group, Clinical Paediatric Dietetics is an invaluable resource for all healthcare practitioners caring for children.


Hardback: £94.95 (£61.72 for BDA members with 35% discount*)

E-book: £85.99

Dietetic and Nutrition Case Studies

Dietetic and Nutrition Case Studies front cover

Published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the BDA

Judy Lawrence, Joan Gandy, Pauline Douglas

May 2016 | 384 pages | ISBN 9781118897102

Taking a problem-based learning approach to the subject of dietetics and nutrition. Dietetic and Nutrition Case Studies has been written to complement the internationally successful Manual of Dietetic Practice, with case studies cross-referenced accordingly. All cases are written and peer reviewed by registered dietitians, drawing on their own experences and specialist knowledge. Dietetic and Nutrition Case Studies is an invaluable resource for lecturers, health care students, aswell as qualified dietitians and nutritionists as a tool to enchance their ongoing development.


Print: £35.95 (£23.37 for BDA members with 35% discount*)

E-book: £30.99

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