Commit to fair pay for NHS dietitians

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The BDA strongly emphasises the need for improved remuneration for dietitians within NHS pay structures. As recognised in our Manifesto, dietitians make monumental contributions to public health, patient care, and the health and social care systems, yet their efforts are often undervalued. Fair compensation not only acknowledges their unwavering dedication but also ensures the retention of talent within the NHS, securing continuity and excellence in healthcare provision.

What is the Fair Pay for NHS Staff Campaign?

The BDA is campaigning for a comprehensive, fully funded pay strategy to underpin the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan. We are calling for an above-inflation pay rise for all NHS staff in 2024/25 as a first step to address real-terms pay decline. We also want to see specific funding allocated to unblock pay barriers to career progression within Agenda for Change. Crucially, we urge the government to commit to a clear timeline for restoring NHS pay to competitive levels, valuing staff as skilled professionals.

Why is this needed?

The NHS is facing a staffing crisis, with high vacancy rates and a workforce that feels undervalued and overstretched. Public sector wage growth lags behind the private sector, and recent pay rises have been eroded by cost-of-living increases, hitting lowest-paid staff hardest. The NHS Long Term Workforce Plan relies on ambitious assumptions but lacks a serious pay strategy. Fair pay is crucial to address these issues, retain skilled staff, and ensure the NHS can meet rising demand. Research has shown that every £1 invested in the NHS workforce generates £4 in wider economic benefits.

What are we doing about it?

The BDA is engaging with policymakers, NHS employers, and other health unions to build support for our fair pay demands. We are highlighting the impact of pay erosion on staff morale, retention, and patient care, as well as the economic benefits of investing in the NHS workforce. Our aim is to secure a government commitment to a meaningful pay rise and a comprehensive pay strategy. We are also opposing divisive proposals for a separate pay spine for nurses, instead advocating for improvements to Agenda for Change to benefit all staff equitably.

How can you get involved?

There are several ways you can support the campaign:

  • Write to your elected representatives expressing your support for fair NHS pay and asking them to raise the issue in Parliament
  • Share your experiences and perspectives on the impact of pay erosion with the BDA to inform our campaign
  • Participate in campaign actions such as petitions, rallies, and social media campaigns
  • Talk to friends, family, and colleagues about the importance of fair pay for NHS staff and the need for a comprehensive pay strategy
  • Keep an eye out for further campaign updates and opportunities to have your say
  • Stay social! Share your support for our campaign on social media by using the #FairPayforNHSStaff

Fair pay for NHS staff is not just a matter of justice – it's essential for the future of our healthcare system. By getting involved in this campaign, you can help send a powerful message to policymakers that investing in our healthcare workforce is a top priority. Whether you write to your MP, share your experiences, or join in campaign actions, your voice can make a difference. Let's work together to secure the fair pay and recognition that NHS staff deserve.

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