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As part of our commitment to promote dietitians as the go-to experts on nutrition and health, we have worked with an expert PR educator to develop a new CPD package for dietitians wishing to engage with the media. 

This package is in two parts:

Health Care Professionals and the Media – Skills for a Professional and Effective Relationship

This online module will help you to build your confidence when engaging with media, both reactively and proactively. 

It will provide you with context and understanding of how the UK media operates; the media relations process; and how you can engage professionally and effectively with journalists across print, broadcast, and online outlets. 

On completion, you will be equipped to manage pre-record and written media responses. 

Health Care Professionals and the Media – Practical Workshop

Following on from the online module, this Classroom course will give you with the opportunity to practice your interview skills so you can undertake live interviews.