Other campaigns

Managing and Preventing Obesity

BDA's efforts to influence changes to policy to help reduce and prevent obesity in adults and children.


Malnutrition affects millions of people, especially the elderly, and dietitians play a crucial role in preventing it and aiding recovery.

Food poverty and insecurity

The BDA believes that nobody in the UK should go without the food they need due to poverty, lack of access or support.

One Blue Dot - Sustainable Diets

One Blue Dot is the BDA's sustainable eating and nutrition toolkit, designed to help dietitians understand and communicate the science around food and sustainability.

BDA Work Ready

Work Ready is the BDA's programme to promote better workplace health and wellbeing through better nutrition.


Although the UK has managed to leave the EU with a deal, there may still be longer term impacts on food poverty and standards.

Dietitians and Rehabilitation

Dietitians have an important role to play in rehabilitating and supporting the recovery of people who have had COVID-19 and those impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Nutritional Borderline Substances - The case for change

The BDA wants to ensure patients have quick and appropriate access to the NBS they need

Influencing the NHS England Long Term Plan

The NHS England Long Term Plan sets out the future of the NHS in England for the next 10 years, including the creation of Integrated Care Systems

Appropriate prescribing of oral nutritional supplements

Oral Nutritional Supplements are an important tool for dietitians, but it is important that they are prescribed appropriately.

Folic Acid Fortification

Folate plays a crucial role in preventing Neural Tube Defects in pregnancy and we want to see all flour fortified to help protect babies

Making the Case for Gluten Free

The BDA wants to support our members to make the case for the ongoing provision of Gluten Free products by the NHS

Opposing the 2019 HCPC fees increase

In 2018 the HCPC proposed an increase in registration fees of 18%. We opposed this as unfair. In 2020 the HCPC changed its decision as a result of our pressure.

AHPs Into Action

AHPs Into Action is NHS England's effort to promote the wider role of all Allied Health Professions

Primary Care

The BDA believes that dietitians have a critical role to play in supporting primary care services for conditions relating to diet and nutrition.

Dietetic Workforce Development Programme

The BDA has been successful in securing funding from Health Education England for a number of exciting projects over the next year. These are underway, and we’re now pleased to share with you the key focus areas for the BDA team for the next 12-18 months.