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A Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist is a qualified and experienced individual who has the competency to work autonomously with performance oriented athletes, as well as those participating in physical activity, sport and exercise for health.

All registrants meet the highest professional standards and competencies that are set by the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENR). 

Further information about the professional standards and competencies can be found on the Registration page.

The format of the register is designed to enable employers, clients and members of the public to identify and contact Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionists. Please click on the link below to access the list of Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionists.

SENR Practitioner Registrants - Updated 8 November 2021

This category denotes those who have submitted comprehensive evidence to SENR to demonstrate their ability to meet all the SENR competency statements and practice as a Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist.

SENR Graduate Registrants - Updated 11 November 2021

This category denotes those who have the appropriate undergraduate and postgraduate training / qualifications, however are yet to submit a portfolio of evidence of practice to enable them to join the Practitioner Register.

SENR Academic Registrants - Updated 8 November 2021

This category denotes senior academics and researchers in the field of sport and exercise science and nutrition. This is not a practitioner category – rather a peer recognition of the high quality science and evidence based, researched and published by those on this list.


All registrants must meet the standards of the register as set out in the ‘SENR Code of Professional Conduct’. If a registrant does not meet these standards and/or does not continue to meet the competencies expected of registration the SENR may take action against them. If you have a complaint or a concern about the behaviour or professional conduct of a registrant, please contact the register. In the first instance, please put your complaint or concern in writing to the SENR via e-mail or post.